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2014 Goals — How’d I do?

2014 Goals

So I set some goals this year, but I was much less aggressive about them than I’ve been in years past. I wasn’t sure if I would even work toward them given that I was feeling so exhausted at the beginning of this year.

Luckily I did work toward them! And while I didn’t come close to finishing everything, I did make some pretty good progress, so I always think it’s fun to look back and reflect.


Read 40 books (15 of which you already own, please.)

So…reading was one of my biggest challenges this year. I read THREE books this year. I mean typing that out just blows my mind! That feels weird right now and it felt weird as it was happening. You know how sometimes you get to the end of the year and you’re like “Huh, I didn’t even realize I didn’t do that thing I wanted to do?” Well this was NOT like that at all. I struggled with this goal all year long and missed reading with a fiery passion. So much so I bought myself an e-reader for Christmas! Hopefully that will kickstart 2015?

Keep A Quote Blog
I did actually do that on my tumblr while I was reading, but you can guess that the success of this is directly related to that book-reading goal that I epically failed, so…

More lunch dates with friends
While I didn’t do this as much as I would like (let’s be real, I’d like to be a “lady who lunches” multiple times per week) I do feel like I did make a concerted effort to lunch with people I wanted to see as often as possible. This will carry into 2015 because nurturing my relationships feels more important than ever to me right now.

Paint my nails more
This goal? I totally nailed it. See what I did there.  🙂
New Nail Polish OBSESSION (Julep Flora.) it's a weird pinky purple and I ❤️ it!

Take Buster on more walks
Boys are jogging the track // Girls are running the bleacher stairs.

My walks with Buster kept me sane this year, and actually I will say this year I fell in love with walking. It always seemed to me to be such a waste of time to just…WALK. I don’t know. I’m a high intensity person, walking just never appealed to me. But I have enjoyed being outside, with my feet on the ground, doing a nice thing for my beloved pooch, with nothing but the sidewalk and my thoughts (Ok, and podcasts!) to keep me company. So glad I made an effort to do this.

Take a trip with my mom

My lunch date is cute! #MomsRule

My mom and I took our first EVER IN LIFE girls trip, just the two of us back in July. To celebrate her 60th birthday we headed down to the Central Coast for for days of sun and lounging and hot springs and shopping and OHMYGOD WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN THIS YEAR, WE MUST!

Find a TV series to watch with Garrett to replace the void that finishing Dawson’s Creek has left (WEEP!)

We began two series’ this year that came highly recommended: Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. We enjoyed starting both. Neither are finished. Unfortunately there is just no replacing the void of Dawson, I guess.

Get regular about meditation
Nah. And frankly I’m sick of hearing about it on the internet so whether I do or don’t succeed in this endeavor, I’m probably done talking about it. 🙂

Here’s what I initially said about this goal:

This probably sounds weird, and I’ll get into it more in another post, but in the past few years I have really culled many areas of my life down to the bare necessities in an attempt to weed out crap I don’t need. It’s been liberating and awesome. So now that I have a better idea of the “things” that are meaningful and that I enjoy using (necessities AND creature comforts), I want to make sure I find the Holy Grail versions. In short, this requires buying things.

A few sampling of the list:

*****Find the perfect pair of high end aviators

*****Replace bedroom and living room rugs
Nope. Home decor feels so overwhelming to me. But THIS IS THE YEAR I SWEAR.

*****Buy a bed frame. Because you aren’t in college and haven’t been for almost 10 years.

*****Buy a new refrigerator

****So basically I bought nothing I set out to buy, but I do feel like I upgraded a lot of other areas of my life, so whatever. I bought some things. Mostly skin care products, electronics, lip products and workout clothes. I guess that pretty accurately sums up my priorities. LOL *****

Redecorate the guest bathroom
I did this! I did this! Although it mostly consisted of buying matching towels/shower curtain, and hanging some cheeky art. And yes, if you are wondering – I did buy this and hang it:
Considering buying this at Target to hang up in my bathroom. This is why I am not an interior designer.

Find a non-cheesy, non-trite way to display photos in our home
I displayed more photos in our house, but not that many more. Mostly because we didn’t take that many. Although with a wedding forthcoming I feel like we are about to have WAY more photos around, so maybe I’ll add that to this year’s list again.

Get better at buffering
This idea spoke to me in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of the year.

Honestly I kept it in mind a lot. I’m going to cross it off because I did “get better.” But honestly I’m still at like a B-.

Host a family get together
Nope. But I attended quite a few.

Less Coffee // More Herbal Tea
Well I would call this one checked off in bold sharpie as I no longer drink coffee at all. And OHMYGAWD it is still so sad. But also so much better!

Send a god damn Christmas Card
Yeah, buddy! Finally!

Brighten up my workout attire
Because this really resonated with me.
Check and check! And I just keep trying new, brighter things. #babysteps #jellybean

Explore some different clothing brands
I totally stepped out of my comfort zone this year and bought lots of new brands to me. I don’t know that I really felt like I dressed any better or worse this year but it was fun to find some new stuff.


Good stuff, 2014. Good stuff.

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