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I think fall may finally be here in Sacramento. This weekend the high will only be 72. HOORAY! 🙂

While the leaves around town are turning, my favorite tree in the backyard is still holding on to its green leaves. The other night we noticed the tips turning red and I can’t wait until it is fiery and gorgeous and I take my annual cheesy picture of it where I pretend like we are having picturesque New England Autumn. (Mel, I AM JEALOUS!)

I know many people hate the time change but I FREAKING LOVE less daylight. It doesn’t bother me at all to get home from work and have it be fairly dark because I am basically always ready to put comfy clothes on and curl up with Buster and Garrett on the couch.

Speaking of comfy clothes — can we talk about loungewear? I have some epic loungewear that I love – best cozy flannel pants ever, fleecy half zip pullover, fuzzy slippers. But it’s all dark colors, covered in Buster hair and the other day I caught sight of myself in the mirror and looked exactly like this:
UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….too bad I had already answered the door in that outfit because the mailman was dropping of a package. Delayed mortification!

So loungewear: I need some new stuff.

But it can’t just be any stuff. I feel sort of particular about my cozy clothes. Obviously they need to be warm. And cozy. And SUPAH DUPAH comfy because duh, it’s for lounging. But I also want to be able to cook and clean and do stuff around my house while wearing them but also be able open the door to my mailman an not look like I’m coming out of a trash can, ya know?

It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard, and yet.

I find that a lot of fun lounge pants at places like Target are super cute and stuff, but they’re thin and sort of see through which is not the vibe my mailman is going for. Hell, I don’t know, maybe he is into that, but it’s not the vibe I AM GOING FOR! And the dog hair thing. My dog is white and fluffy and sheddy and fortunately FOR ME, he loves to cuddle. Unfortunately FOR MY DARK COLORED LOUNGEWEAR, he loves to cuddle. But I don’t really feel like prancing around the house in winter white, you know? Especially if I’m cooking some kind of dinner situation, it just never ends well.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

So I’m sending out a smoke signal. What do you wear around the house when you want to be cozy but still look sort of cute? We can’t all be looking Oscar the Grouch-ish can we? And if we are, let me know so I can feeling this sexy housewife guilt mmmmkay?

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9 Responses to Loungin’

  1. San says:

    Mmm…. lounge wear is tricky, but maybe some of the Old Navy pyjama bottoms would work?

  2. Carol says:

    Athleta’s metro slouch pants are my new favorite for being comfortable but also able to go out in public. Unfortunately, The color options won’t help with the dog hair situation….

  3. Ali says:

    I have a yellow lab and totally relate., I wear old navy pj bottoms a t-shirt and have a cream fleece over top. That’s about the best I’ve found.

  4. We’re thinking about a second dog and I literally don’t want a white dog for this reason lol. I’m huge on yoga pants and I love spandex. I’m not too picky so I usually get a ton of $6 spandex at Ross.

    Ummmmmmmmm this weekend’s forecast in PA: highs in the 40s, lows in the 20s!

  5. Beth says:

    Have you tried Gap Body? I have a few pairs of pants that are warm, cozy, and look decent enough for the unexpected doorbell ring.

  6. I have the same issues with comfy clothes, I look homeless instead of sexy-cute like the Victoria’s secret models in their velour track suits. If you land on anything awesome, let me know! I’m currently wearing black workout tights, a long-sleeved silk underwear top, and a Patriots t-shirt intended for a linebacker. I look SUPER hot.

    You should come visit! I’ll take you for a walk in the cool weather. XO

  7. Sarah B says:

    Totally feeling this right now! I can’t wait to hear all the comments on where to find comfy cute clothes. I need to find something to wear and cook in at night. I’ve been searching for the right PJ type bottoms. I also LOVE the time change, especially once it is cool here in Southern California!

  8. Katie says:

    I always look awful in my comfy clothes regardless if my brain tells me I look totally cute in them, too.

    On the dog hair front, I’m lucky I have a black dog – I stick with the yoga/workout pants that don’t fit quite right to work out in (fall down while running, for example, but are fine to hang out in), and tops that the dog hair blends in with.