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Howdy folks!

Hope your Friday has gotten off to a good start. Mine began with a 40 minute pre-work excursion of trying to round up some dogs who were lost and find a safe place for them. Luckily while I was trying to corral them, their worried owner swung by in a car. They’d been looking all over for them, so it was nice to help reunite them. DRAMATIC for a moment, but in the end – nice. Good Deed For The Day: Done! Now, if I could just keep my life dog-drama free for a few days, that would be great! haha

Hope you have some fun plans this weekend. We are dining with friends, seeing some live music, having an Easter Brunch with my WHOLE FAMILY (this happens so rarely, that all of us can get into one house together at the same time) and so we will definitely be drinking some bloody marys and eating some Eggs Benedict. I’ll probably squeeze in some workouts and some reading (currently reading this and it’s just as cotton candy awesome as you would imagine) and I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it all.

Since it’s Friday and it’s been a while since we talked about fun links  let’s do that, shall we?


*Loved seeing Annie Thorisdottr in Vogue. Diversity in beauty in mainstream magazines is so refreshing!

*Speaking right to my heart: How to Let Go When You’re An A-Type

*Stupid Easy Paleo had a great post on Meal Planning up this week. I love seeing how other people approach kitchen coordination.

*Happiness isn’t outside of us: such a perfect reminder.

*I’m beginning to think I suck at moderation:  Oh Kathleen, I totally get where you are coming from.

*I’m finding the concept of “Carrot Rice” totally fascinating. Must Try.

*You know I love a good biohack. Mark’s Daily Apple write a great How To about conducting self experiments.

*Are you watching True Detective? Reviews are mixed. What do YOU think?

*This is worth writing down somewhere.

*I think I’ve tried just about all of these stress relief tactics. There are some good ones in there.

*Top Tips For Your First 2 Years of CrossFit — YES!!!! And tangentially related: 10 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Practice Yoga (Start now! It will help so much!)

*I’m a total affirmation nerd (cue: Stuart Smalley impressions) but I found that I use them just like Allison.

*This article on the benefits of pet ownership actually made me tear up a little.

*Need a bookish Netflix round up in your life? Read this.


Have a great weekend all!


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