10 Things Rocking My World Lately

Sometimes it’s fun to just share the awesome, you know?

So let’s do this!

Here are a few things absolutely rocking my world lately:

1. The Breakfast Salad

I think I need to blog about The Breakfast Salad because it is rocking my world so hard lately.

I subscribe to a lot of random fitness/health newsletters (I guess email marketing is here to stay, eh?) and one of my recent emails (and I can’t remember which one, dangit) included a recipe for “Breakfast Salad.” I almost just deleted it because, while I love vegetables, I’m more of a “Lettuce after 11” kind of gal. Luckily I clicked through and scanned the recipe which, a week or so later, inspired my own.

Here’s what I include:

2 oz breakfast sausage (which I cook up in little mini meatballs)
1-2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Cherry Tomatoes
Salt and Pepper
…and then right before I eat it I chop up half an avocado and if I’m feeling fancy, add a squeeze of lime.


(And if you also get that newsletter, remind me in the comments who it was so I can give credit where credit is due. Thanks!)

2. This Dog Video (and really ALL dog videos)

I don’t know, you guys, lately I am just obsessed with cute animals and seriously what a lame thing to say BUT IT IS TRUE AND I AM UNAPOLOGETIC. Sometimes finding happiness on the internet between all the criticizing and awful news of the world is hard, and cute animals are just making my day!

3. March Meatball Madness

If you are not reading Melissa’s March Meatball Madness posts, please remedy that right away.  I am having food dreams about Bacon Jalapeno Burger Balls with Dill Relish and Awesome Sauce (on the menu this weekend!)

4. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


You know what I have realized about myself? I love a good campus novel (random ones that come to mind: Prep, I Am Charlotte Simmons, The Secret History, Looking for Alaska…what else am I missing? RECOMMENDATIONS AHOY!)

School and College can be so dang awkward and for some reason I sort of love reading about it. I’ve been jumping into bed early every night just to catch up on campus life in this adorable, well-written novel.

5. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Tropical Mango


Do you know what season it is? Self Tanner Season. It’s been warm enough here for bare legs and let me assure you that self tanner is not so much a vanity play for me, but a courtesy for you. YOU WOULD GO BLIND AT THE SIGHT OF MY WHITE LEGS OTHERWISE. Anyway, this requires a good pre-tan exfoliation sesh and this scrub is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. No scratchy granules, no drying salt, deliciously scented, and gets the job done.

Need an impulse purchase idea for the next time you go to ULTA? This is it.

6. Fresh Flowers


$5 Daisies from Whole Foods. $6 Tulips from Trader Joe’s. DUDE: WORTH IT.

7. That Mad Men is almost back!

Mad Men

Nothing extra to note here: I’M JUST EXCITED!!!

8. Philosophy Anti Aging Products


Years ago I tried Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple and it worked well but I always moved on to try other things (as beauty junkies do!) But over the last few months I’ve added their Microdelivery Triple Acid Brightening Pads to my skincare routine each week and I have been BLOWN AWAY by the results. (The product is a must have if you are fretting about skin texture. It’s incredible.)

Anyway, I was watching QVC a few weeks ago (as you do) and was sucked into purchasing their TSV which was a combo of Philosophy Anti Aging Products. I was interested in the Miracle Worker line – specifically the eye cream which I have heard a ton about and subsequently fallen in love with (BELIEVE THE HYPE) – as well as the daily moisturizer. But it also came with another fun little set of microderm type products and some face washes. It’s been a blast. They all work well and the value for all the products is ridiculous!

9. Spring Scents


I don’t know if it is the weather or what, but I have been loving me some flowery fragrances. I’ve been picking up perfume samples at Sephora like it’s my job (it’s dangerously close in location to my job actually: DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER) and I have settled on a possible spring fragrance purchase: Roses de Chloe. This is strange to me because I don’t really love floral scents and I REALLY don’t love rose scents. And yet… I dunno, it must be the bergamot. It smells so fresh!

Also, I’m loving Bath and Body Works candles lately. They just had a huge sale recently and ever since I’ve been burning them like non-stop. A good smelling candle can really make your house feel homey, and they have some really springy smelling ones that I can’t get enough of!

10. And then of course this guy, just because



Tell me what’s rocking YOUR world lately

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11 Responses to 10 Things Rocking My World Lately

  1. Jillian says:

    I like the Philosophy products as well. I switched to them a while ago and saw huge improvements in my skin. I stuck with the face wash but recently switched to Ole Henrickson, mostly because Sephora was selling a kit and it was a good deal. Love Ole Henrickson CC Cream, by the way.

    • Holly says:

      Sephora kits will be the death of me. ALL THE GOOD VALUES! I’ll have to look for the Ole Henrickson CC Cream — I’ve been toying with testing the Truth Serum when my current solution runs out. May have to get some cc cream to go with it! 🙂

  2. Mallory says:

    Prep is one of my favorite books. I never realized “campus novels” were a thing. I’m adding those others to my list right now! Have you read Looking For Alaska? It felt very Prep and Catcher In The Rye to me.

    • Holly says:

      Yes! I LOVED Looking for Alaska! So good. I had to go edit the post and include it in the list. It’s a can’t miss!

  3. Thanks for the meatball love! There are so many good recipes that are going to be share this month. Get ready to roll!

    Also: I’ve been meaning to read “Prep.” Thanks for the reminder!

    • Holly says:

      Oh man, it’s so good! You’ll tear through it. Sittenfeld writes awkward so well it’s almost palpable.

  4. K says:

    I wonder what a sprinkle of crisp bacon would do for your breakfast salad?

    (I may make this for my work breakfasts next week.)

  5. Laura says:

    I have nothing of substance to add to this post, but I just had to tell you that I laughed so hard I think my neighbours heard me at that dog video when the bigger dog got his turn.

  6. KellyBrown says:

    So glad that you’re loving Fan Girl! I loved that book so much!

  7. Holly says:

    The Philosophy line has been life changing for me! Love the microscrub exfoliating cleanser 🙂

  8. Brie says:

    I have the flu and insomnia. Not good! But while catching up on my websites, I came across the breakfast salad on Fed and Fit. I made it for the week, but can’t bring myself to try it given my current situation.