Random Topic Tuesday

Wild. Friday. Night. (But after this loooong, crazy week I am SO PUMPED about this stack of essentials.)

Did you hear that?

That is the sound of life returning back to normal. No more solo-sushi Friday nights and eating chocolate while reading magazines in the bathtub like I did last week.

I think. We’ll have to see about that.

Anyway, you see last week Garrett was out of town all last week hanging his parents out in New Mexico. He actually left the day after Valentine’s (when my posting here sort of abruptly stopped) and came back late Saturday night. I was going to mention it but then I thought about privacy and axe murderers and stuff and decided not too.

Work also ended up being insane last week, schedule wise, and between doing all the house stuff that Garrett normally does, and making up for all of Buster’s lost walks/pets with Garrett out of town, I just didn’t get around to posting. Don’t worry, I tempered all that insanity by catching up on Scandal and JIMINY CHRISTMAS I love that show to the moon and back. (CAN’T. WAIT. UNTIL. THURSDAY.)

It's like The Universe was listening! #Season3 #Marathon #OnlyLeavingTheHouseForBrunch

So in an effort to play catch up, let’s talk about some random topics!

1. I am not at all an introvert.

You really can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the power of introverts and honestly, this is cool. Introverts needed some good PR but I think this whole new clarification about what introverts are and are not had a lot of people re-examining their perceptions about themselves. For a long time it was like “Oh, people who are introverts are shy.” (Not always true.) And now the switch has been flipped and everyone is all “Oh no, introverts are just people who like to digest information internally and not be around so many people and blah blah blah.” You get that I am completely oversimplifying, yes?

Anyway, a lifelong labeled extrovert, I will admit that when I read stuff like this I can relate. I mean, look, if we’re being real I do not like “people” that much so I’m hard pressed to say being around “people” recharges me. (This makes me sound crotchety, but trust me, I just worked retail for a REALLY LONG time and every time I think about being recharged by “people” I think about working the morning rush at Peet’s Coffee & Tea and seriously I get exhausted just thinking about it.) Another thing — I really like doing my own thing. I’m an only child, I learned long ago to entertain myself with only my imagination. Also, I need time alone — preferably in a bubble bath with a book, ya know? So I was having this sort of deep and profound “WHO AM I? AN INTROVERT OR AN EXTROVERT?” crisis.

(Actually, I totally wasn’t, I’m just being silly.)

But here is the truth that I saw clear as day while Garrett was gone: I am 100% extrovert. I spent A LOT of time alone last week and man it was not re-energizing AT ALL. In fact, it felt exhausting just having my basic needs met. My mom heard from me twice as much as usual, I was texting Garrett inane things all week full well knowing that his cell service was spotty, and I think toward the end of the week I was actually extending conversations with grocery checkers because I just wanted some interaction, where usually I am like STAY AWAY FROM ME WITH YOUR SMALL TALK I AM GOING TO THE SELF CHECKOUT LINE!

And Buster. Oh poor Buster, MY GOD, I had actual legit conversations with my dog. And while he is super adorable, the pooch needs to brush up on his conversational skills.
It's 9pm on a Saturday night and I'm googling "how to make your dog go to the bathroom when it is raining" MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED.
He’s had enough of talking about our feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

I think in my mind, I was actually counting all the time I spend hanging out with Garrett as “being alone.” I mean, we’re not always engaged in some sort of extended conversation, so it kind of felt like “alone time.” But I think I am actually comforted by that fact that we COULD be engaged in an extended conversation at any given time. Clearly something about that brings me peace and relaxation.

2. My Clarisonic is Possessed

I don’t know why I can’t just be a normal internet person with a normal Clarisonic raving about how awesome it is. I mean, look I am a normal internet person I think. And I do rave about how awesome the Clarisonic is. But my first Clarisonic was a fake and my second one (while totally legit) decided that it would just start vibrating out of nowhere last Thursday night at 1 AM.

Let me just say it is inopportune for that to happen on a night when your other half is out of town because waking up to a vibrating Clarisonic in your shower (which has mighty fine acoustics, unfortunately) because it sounds eerily similar to a chainsaw wielding ax murder trying to slide in through your bathroom. HEART ATTACK CITY.


I am being plagued by emails from a retailer whose list I have unsubscribed from NINE TIMES now. Finally, yesterday when yet another email showed up in my inbox I clicked AGAIN on unsubscribe and got to their website where I was told I can’t unsubscribe because I am no longer actually subscribed.


Except I got an email that afternoon.

Also, I woke up this morning, and THERE WAS ANOTHER EMAIL.

Who is in charge of tempering this Internet Rage? WHAT DOES ONE DO??????????????????


That’s probably enough randomness for one day, eh?

What’s new with you?

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