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Wednesday Bullets

Just doing a little bit of spackling and painting.

*I was going to write a “Currently” post because I have so many things on my mind to share, but I think It would mostly read like this — Currently:
Eating: way too much candy
Hoovering: tootsie rolls into my mouth along with peppermint bark.
Navigating: life on a serious sugar high.
Feeling: bloated, obviously.
Avoiding: Garrett because he has the flu and has been down for the count with a fever for 4 days now.

In short, it would have been the least interesting and entertaining “Currently” post ever. So now, we do BULLETS!


*Mmmm…speaking of Bullets (or Bulleit, as it were) I am OBSESSED with this cocktail. And for some reason every time I drink it I wish that I was eating Bacon Wrapped Scallops. I may make that happen this weekend. And yes I do enjoy shaking up cocktails in my blender bottle. IT WORKS!

Doubles as a cocktail shaker!

*So why all the drinking? Well, last minute work deadlines, the finishing of Christmas shopping, sick spouses, and the ABSOLUTE UNSEXINESS of having to spend over $1000 on repairs for your car the week before Christmas have me needing a little drink now and then, ya know? Bad Habits are abounding this year for me. I really can’t wait to get that in check!

*Completely unrelated: I have a new obsession with You Tube Beauty/Lifestyle/Organization Bloggers…or uh, Vloggers. But ew. No. I hate the word Vlog. It started because I was reading In Style and there was a list of Social Media Awards that had interesting people to follow in Instagram. One of them was Rachel Talbott from Check In The Mirror so I watched a couple of her videos and they were fun and fluffy and then I was like, “Hmmm…who else can I follow?”

*Well I’ll tell you who:
– Ashley of MakeupTIA – whose blog I used to follow and had forgotten was doing You Tube videos. She’s just the cutest.
Rachel Haysidt – who is pretty hilarious.
– Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire – who couldn’t get any more adorable if she tried.
– Kendra of Vlog with Kendra who has the cutest Shiba puppy ever and makes me want a dog sister for Buster daily.
– Jayme and Mendi of Her Late Night Cravings – two VA gals talking clothes, hair and makeup.
– Estee of Essie Button – Product Junkie and You Tube Enthusiast, she has like a million channels.
– Mallory of Mallory Loves Makeup – I mean, it’s clear she does.

*The upside of this is that I have found a lot of great skincare and makeup suggestions lately. The downside is that I have bought more eyeshadow alone in the last 60 days than I’ve bought in the last 6 years.

*I’ve also loved watching all the food/cooking shows on Tastemade. Clearly You Tube is my new BFF.

*It’s been fun because I’ve been brainstorming a lot about how to incorporate more video into this here old fashioned website (God, HOLLY, without video you are SO BEHIND THE TIMES – HA!) and it’s definitely got my creative juices flowing watching how others do it. That said, I’m also very aware that I am completely out of my league and have no idea what I’m doing in that space, so you know 2014 might get ugly and inexperienced around here. 🙂 Who wants to sit around and talk with me while we take video?

*Wait, that just got weird.

*Are you all ready for the holidays? Are you drinking more cocktails than usual? Are you kicking ass and taking names at life? If so, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

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