The Perfect Day Off


Garrett has the day off today because it’s Veteran’s Day (speaking of, I loved this post) and I took the day off to get caught up after a busy weekend. I am SO GLAD I did because it is basically going to be the perfect day.

Here’s the plan:

*Sleep in.
*Drink a little bit too much coffee.
*Make our way through episodes 99 and 100 of Dawson’s Creek
*Have some poached eggs over spicy sweet potato hash.
*Marvel that we are still in our PJs.
*Pop a pot roast in the crock pot (we’re making a sped up version of this.)
*Clean up the house.
*Hop in the bubble bath with a good book.
*Take the pooch for a long walk in the park.
*Watch a movie, mid afternoon, that we’ve been trying to make time to watch for a while.
*Hero WOD!
*Do some more relaxing just because we can.

We’re about halfway through and we are right on target. If you are off today, I hope you are having a good day too!

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2 Responses to The Perfect Day Off

  1. I took today off, but more because I was feeling under the weather! I watched a billion episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, took my pooch for a short walk, and now I’m watching The Blind Side and considering cooking something so I have lunch for tomorrow!

  2. sizzle says:

    We love that movie at our house (my husband likes to quote it). Have you seen Role Models? Another funny one! I need a day off like the one you had.