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So today is the last Friday before Christmas and the second to last Friday of the year. My brain can’t even comprehend that, but I guess I’m just going to have to get over that and move on. :)

We’ve been a den of illness around here this week, so not too much fun to report. But Garrett and I are on the mend, so this weekend will probably just be spent playing a little catch up and preparing for the holidays to come. I anticipate some laundry and some napping. Not a bad situation, really.

I’m off work today (WOOOOOOOO!) and plan to finish up some Christmas stuff and then park my ass on the couch and finish this book. (OMG SO GOOD!!!)

Scintillating, I know. Let’s talk about some fun links:


*If you are thinking about revamping your personal style in the new year, Alison has some great advice on How To Create Capsule Wardrobes.

*Give the important things a year on their own. I love the idea of Finding Balance Over Your Years, Not Your Days.

*Primal Gingerbread Cake. You know you want to make it.

*This pretty much sums up my eating habits lately.

*Well here’s a lofty promise: 13 Life Changing Books. I added a few to my To-Read List.

*This photo shoot had me crumpled up in a ball of tears.

*I am simultaneously disgusted and fascinated by this West Virginia “Heathers” murder.

*On a happier note, I loved this Birth Announcement! :)

*I know it’s the French Alps and all, but I would have to take a Xanax to see this.

*Making Time For What You Want — JUST DO IT.


That’s all for this week. Hope you all have a great LAST WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS OMG! I better go finish my shopping! Toodles!

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