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Happy Monday!

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was very, very mellow as Buster was recovering and I am getting ready to travel for work all this week. I fly back home Friday night and then Garrett and I are heading out of town for Oktoberfest. Lots on the plate over the next few weeks so I had to soak up what little time I had left to lounge.

Actually, I spent most of the weekend laying around reading this book and it was pretty page turning. You know I love a good book about New Orleans.

Anyway, since yesterday’s post was kind of a sad one I thought we could play a little catch up on some of the lighter goings on around here. Here’s some random stuff we’ve been up to:

1. Packing Light
Sample sized products make me happy!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am physically incapable of packing light. Or so I thought! All this work travel has really streamlined my packing process and this weekend I actually packed for a 5 day trip in a single carry on. I know for some this is no great feat, but for me this is like an Actual Miracle. I took lots of advice from the internet: picked a clothing color scheme, brought versatile accessories, paid for overpriced travel sized products, and rolled up all of my clothes. It worked like a charm! Now let’s see if I get to Iowa and forget something important.

2. No Week In Workouts Post
PRs all around tonight at the gym. #woot
I skipped the Week In Workouts post because I was too busy packing. Uh, also because I didn’t really work out last week. Well that’s not entirely true, I worked out on Tuesday and it was PR city! My new Back Squat 1 Rep Max is 225 and my new Snatch 1 Rep Max is 110. Both made me super happy (God damn it 115 lb snatch, I’m coming for you!) but the rest of the week was really NOT conducive to workouts. Wednesday I worked late and then on Thursday there was the whole Buster debacle and really, working out just wasn’t even on the radar. I even accidentally flaked on my spinning date with my friend Kari on Saturday. Loserville in the gym last week! It happens.

3. But I did make the Best Damn Pot Roast
Pot Roast: It's What's For Dinner. #whole30

I was feeling lazy last week and threw some whole carrots on the bottom of my slow cooker, seasoned the hell out of a giant pot roast (LOTS of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and Italian seasoning) and then put it on low for 16 hours. It was sort of a recipe hybrid from Michelle and Melissa and YOU GUYS IT WAS BOMB! Please do that if you are feeling lazy. Also throw it on some cauliflower mash and you will feel like you are having an awesome Sunday Supper mid week.

4. We got a new bed!
New Fall Duvet! Yay! #shitgirlssay

Well, not really, I just got a new duvet and pillows for our bed because the season is changing and we needed a little refresh. Garret still doesn’t understand why on earth I would buy pillows that WE CAN’T EVEN SLEEP ON, OMG but I’m sure he’ll come around. Well, actually he probably won’t because he was also confused about why I would buy a pillow with buttons. WHY MUST A PILLOW HAVE BUTTONS IT MAKES NO SENSE. :p

Speaking of Garrett, in the background of that picture you can see out to the bookshelves in the living room, and apparently in a fit of home decor zeal, Garrett decided he thought the teapot looked better on the bookshelf than in the kitchen. I just noticed it the other day and OHMYGOD, REALLY??? Kitchen tools in the living room. Now THAT makes no sense.

Oh, how men and women differ.

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3 Responses to What Else Is New Around Here

  1. MC says:

    Your pillow comments made me laugh out loud! I think my husband has said the same thing, word for word. 🙂

  2. K says:

    T tries to lay/snuggle with the decorative pillows and I freak out. “YOU’RE SMASHING THEM. YOUR HEAD IS GREASY.” He largely humors my freak outs, but mostly refuses to try and understand the difference between Sleepytime pillows and Decorative pillows.

  3. Joy V. says:

    Ha! I noticed the teapot and was wondering about that too 🙂 I like the new duvet and pillows – I’m liking grey lately, and teal – looks nice! buttons and all. 🙂