The Week In Workouts

The Week In Workouts

After a little hiatus, I’m back to talk about my workouts. I’ve been switching up my fitness, so I thought I’d pop in on Sundays and share what my workouts have looked like each week. I’m on a mission to find a balance of things I love, that make me healthier, and that overall just feel right.

Here’s what happened last week:



On Sunday I was at a CrossFit competition spectating. That totally counts as a workout, right? 🙂


Because it was Labor Day and I had the day off work I slept in. Unfortunately I missed my window of opportunity to hit up my gym, my yoga studio was closed and so I just took the day completely off and got a metric ton of things done around the house. WORTH IT.


Today I decided to quit pussyfooting around and actually get my ass into the gym. The workout was as follows:


Every Minute On The Minute (EMOTM) for 15 minutes – 1 Back Squat at 85% of your 1 Rep Max
I went lighter than I should have at 165lbs (which I didn’t realize until I was finished) but it still got tougher towards the end.


AMRAP in 15 minutes:

10 sit ups
10 push ups
10 pull ups
10 burpees
10 air squats

I forget how many reps I did, but I almost completed 5 full rounds.



Spend 15 minutes working on Pistols

*I actually was not looking forward to this because I can’t do pistols or really even any progression of pistols AT ALL so I thought it would be a waste of time. But I learned a new progression that was actually pretty challenging but still manageable so I practiced that and used that progression in the workout as well.


3 rounds*

10m sprints
db push press (45/35)
double unders

*1 minute at each station with 15 seconds of transition time. Score is total reps and sprints.

That workout was actually pretty gnarly, and I only used 30lb dumbbells because the 35lb ones felt HEAVY.


My legs were pretty sore when I woke up this morning but the workout was full of a bunch of my favorite things so I couldn’t skip it!


EMOTM for 10 minutes:

2 power cleans + 1 jerk @ 85% of 1 RM

When I did the math on 85% of my Clean + Jerk 1 Rep Max it looked REAL HEAVY for 10 reps, so I scaled it and lifted 125lbs. That ended up being a good decision because on round 8 I had to drop it down to 115!


AMRAP in 12 minutes:

25 back squats (95 lbs)
25 KB swings (53 lbs)
20 front squats
20 KB swings
15 OH squats
15 KB swings

*no racks for any of the squats, all weights will come from the ground

I kept 95 lbs on the bar through 2 Overhead Squats but then I realized I would only be able to do 1 rep at a time and at that point my shoulders were so smoked that it was too mentally exhausting to think about cleaning/re-racking for ever single rep, so I dropped down to 75lbs and finished the OHSs in sets of 5. This whole day was super hard, but also awesome!



Could. Not. Move. My. Legs. Or. Shoulders.

No workout!


I fully intended to workout today except that instead I went to 900 grocery stores and by the time I was done shopping, unloading, cooking and cleaning up after myself I just wanted to watch some bad television. SO I DID! 🙂


Any PRs or exciting workouts for you this week? Do tell….

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7 Responses to The Week In Workouts

  1. Thank you for the much needed inspiration! <3

  2. Katie says:

    First of all, Way. To. Go. Those workouts look brutal.

    Secondly, do you mind sharing the new pistol progression you learned? I tend to look like a flailing flamingo when attempting pistols, and need all the help I can get!

    Great post!

    • Holly says:

      Oh man, I am so so lame at pistols. And working with a band or doing them holding onto a pole just doesn’t work for me, either because of my lack of coordination or whatever. I don’t know.

      What the coach had me do was grab a box (like for box jumps) and do the pistol just as you would normally standing on the ground, but sitting on the box when I got to the bottom, and then standing back up on one leg. I started using a 24 inch box which was good, but eventually felt too easy. So then I moved to the 20 inch box which was definitely more difficult. After that I then tried the 16 inch box and it was basically impossible for me to stand up from it once I was seated. So the 20 inch box it was!

      I like that scaling because:
      A) I felt like I was actually squatting and my legs were working as opposed to some other scaled versions that are to reliant on whatever I am holding on to and
      B) it’s a way to measure progress with the movement. My new goal with pistols now is to get to that 16 inch box.

      I am a LONG WAY OFF from having actual pistols but I like to be able to scale in a way that helps me know if I am getting better or worse, so this was a good one. Also, I used it the entire time in the workout and that shit got HARD after a while. Hope that makes sense.

  3. MC says:

    Lady, those are some nice lifts! I love the EMOM format – sounds like a fun week!

  4. Great job!!!! Now tell me more about your Whole30 because I need to get inspired before Monday lol 🙂

    • Holly says:

      Oh man, what can I tell ya. Hmmmmm…. Well here is what I did :

      A) I just committed. I mean, look, that sounds stupid I realize but I just sat down and said “Listen self, this is what we’re doing in September, so there are no other options.” I’ve had to navigate a few social situations and sub par food scenarios and it’s seemed pretty easy because I just flipped that little switch in my brain between “Many Options” and “This is the only option.” I’m sort of hoping that simplicity will hold up through the rest of the month, but I think it will because I’m pretty stubborn. 🙂

      B) I scoured pinterest like a crazy person! I pinned a lot of new recipes that made me feel excited to be in the kitchen.

      C) I also identified a number of 10 minute meals and crock pot recipes with easy ingredients that I could rely on during crazy weeks (like this one we’re in right now) where I knew I would have zero energy to care about food.

      D) I made a list of all of the things going on with me right now that I KNOW eating super clean clears up for me (crappy skin, bloated tummy, poor sleep, back fat — the usual) and I stuck it on my fridge. There were 13 things on it! When I’m feeling like WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS AND WHY MUST I CONTINUE? (I imagine around Day 16-20) I am going to revisit that list to see what *isn’t* happening anymore so that I can smugly pat myself on the back and carry on. haha

      Is that a start? Good luck!!!