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Garrett's thoughts on Day 10 of our #whole30

Hola friends! Happy Friday!

The Whole 30 is going swimmingly so far, despite Garrett’s silly texts. We are on our way down the summit — Day 17? Day 18? One of those, so we’ll just keep chugging along. I’ve worked until after 10pm on multiple nights this week so I am feeling a little weary coasting into this weekend, but the agenda is mellow. THANK GOD. Not too many of those mellow weekends at the end of the month/beginning of October so I’m going to soak it up while I can. And maybe read a book or something JEEZ — I am seriously lagging in the good reads arena lately.

Speaking of good reads, let’s talk links:


*Did you know Hemingway had a famous burger recipe? It sounds pretty delicious, actually.

*I’ve been wanting to write this post for weeks now that fall is just about here, but Alison went ahead and did it for me (and with much more detail…woot!) My Favorite Wide Calf Boot Resources

*I’ve always said I am an anti-hoarder. Turns out, that could just be another form of hoarding. Wait WHAAAAAAAAT?

*Do you think Neil Patrick Harris would be my friend? He seems like an interesting dude.

*Here’s some good advice: Working Out and Eating Well Should Enhance Your Life Not Dominate It.

*Want to learn how to do something supremely powerful? Practice the conscious choice to like or dislike something?

*On a lighter note: How Orange Is The New Black Is Like The Babysitters Club

*How to stay Paleo in 100 words.

*Did you have a beloved Trapper Keeper when you were in elementary school? Reading this history had me feeling super nostalgic for the 80s!

*Have a kid heading back to the sports field? Read up on the NFL’s work to help all youth athletes stay safe.


That was a random list! What can I say, I’m all over the place this week. :) Here’s to a mellow, enjoyable weekend you all!

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