Wednesday Bullets

Today I managed to get a testicle shaped sunburn in my chest. AND HOW WAS YOUR DAY?????

1. So hey, if you don’t follow me on Instagram you may have missed the fact that I got a nasty sunburn this weekend in the shape of giant testicles on my chest. Chesticles, if you will. Garrett and I always joke that we are a good match for each other because if he didn’t have me, he’d probably end up being a hermit for the rest of his life holed up at home. But if I didn’t have him I’d probably end up sunburned and homeless, but having a damn good time while I doing it! In short: we balance each other’s natural tendencies out. But for the record, Garrett OBVIOUSLY was only partially looking out for me this weekend. I did not end up homeless. But sunburned? OY! Badly.

2. I got a replacement fit bit yesterday from Amazon and I swear to god I had the best night sleep that I’ve had in weeks. I secretly suspect that it is because I knew THE FITBIT WAS WATCHING. It is a sickness to be motivated to do things better when you know it is being tracked. I’m sort of ashamed to admit that but it is true. It’s the same phenomenon with this blog. If I say I am doing something here publicly, I am 100% more likely to do it because otherwise I have to answer to you guys. And I hear you can be a rowdy bunch. :) Juuuuust kiddin!

3. Guess what Sunday was? Buster’s Birthda-versary. I mean, I guess we’ll never really know his birthday, but a year ago this past Sunday he showed up in our lives! Anniversary? I don’t know…Birthda-versary works. Can you believe it’s been a year? I have all these things to say about it but I keep holding back because I think a year ago I may have rolled my eyes at a blog post about how much someone loves their dog. But seriously? WHAT A YEAR!

4. Today is Day Two of our Whole 30 and hey — so far so good! I know it’s only 2 days, but man — in two days I have almost accidentally eaten salt water taffy TWICE! Working in an office is hard, man. And so is a Whole 30! So the fact that I’ve made it 1/15th of the way through it deserves celebration, I think. :) hehe Anyway, enough of that premature self-congratulations — we need to talk food. Do you have any super amazing Whole 30 friendly recipes that you want to share? I feel like I have to shake it up this time and try some new things. Do tell, would ya?

5. Are you watching The Pitch on AMC? I AM A WOMAN OBSESSED.

6. Have a kid heading back to the sports field? Read up on the NFL’s work to help all youth athletes stay safe.


I think that’s about it for now. Life has been pretty uneventful lately and as boring as it is to post about that, I AM SO RELIEVED. I needed a little less action in my life after the month of August. So what’s new with you?

What are you reading//watching//cooking//loving lately? Tell me all about it!!

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