Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Seriously...this dog lives a good ass life. I might be jealous.

Happy Friday!

It’s been a bit of a lazy week around here and I am sorry that I’m not sorry. I thought I would be super productive this week, but I have yet to even do a load of laundry. I did, however, catch up with friends, read, write, take bubble baths as well as doing the major daily tasks that keep our household afloat. I feel a little greedy saying this, but man — I COULD USE ANOTHER WEEK OFF. 🙂 The time to myself has felt very refreshing!

I thought I might spend the week taking long walks but MY FIT BIT BROKE! How rude! So you know, if I’m not getting credit for steps why take them? 🙂 Ok, not really. But that is a serious bummer. Mostly because now I have to deal with returning it and returning things (right up there with making phone calls) is one of my most DREADED tasks!

At least we’re going into a long weekend, right? What do you all have planned? How about we kick it off with some fun (less complain-y) links?


*Uh, re-reading that last paragraph made me think it might be time to Set Boundaries With My Job. Heh

*Well here are some fun facts: 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

*Need a little fitness inspiration? Here are 10 Ways to Love Your Workouts and Stay Motivated.

*Food I would like to be eating:
Slow Cooker Pollo sin Arroz
Slow Cooked Brisket
Slow Cooked Mustard Short Ribs
Oh, slow cooker season! I am ready for you.

*Audiophiles, check out 25 Audiobook Favorites from Janssen over at Everyday Reading. Not an audiophile? This list is fully of good looking reccomendations and I’m also really intrigued by this book.

*I don’t know why but this silly video makes me so happy every time I watch it. I want to invite Jumpy over to play with Buster!

*Loved this post about the suckitude of the BMI. You all know how I feel about it – I’m definitely in favor of Body Composition Testing! So much more enlightening.

*Consider what the pain might be teaching you. Listen to your hurt, and figure out how it can make you better, instead of bitter. Evidence of a Miss was a good read.

*Sometimes it is hard to tell the “Health Hype” from reality. I really enjoyed this smart post from Diane Sanfilippo on Flax, Chia, Green Smoothies and Juicing.

*Want to feel confident about your kid’s safety when they head out to the sports field this fall? Look no further.


Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Take care, friends!

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2 Responses to Fun Things To Read On A Friday

  1. Great round-up, loved the Anti-BMI piece, spot on! <3

  2. Lisa says:

    Bummer! Sorry to hear your Fitbit broke. I just bought one and was gonna ask you if you wanted to connect. I only have 1 Fitbit friend right now.