The Week In Workouts

The Week In Workouts

I’ve been switching up my fitness, so I thought I’d pop in on Sundays and share what my workouts have looked like each week. I’m on a mission to find a balance of things I love, that make me healthier, and that overall just feel right.

Here’s what happened last week:



I did a 75 minute Bikram class on Sunday and I was sort of surprised that all weekend I really looked forward to going to that particular yoga class. I’ve been doing a class at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons and it has been a nice transition from Weekend Mode to Back to Work Mode. By the time I’m done, home, showered, and eating dinner I’ve kind of been winding down for a few hours and thinking about what I want the next week to look like. I’m generally not dying to start any projects or tasks so I just come home and relax. It’s been calming and it has been helping me start my week a little more intentionally. That probably sounds silly, but it’s true and I’m liking it. I anticipate continuing it.


Do you know what today’s workout had in store? My FAVORITE — Bear Complex! Plus some other crazy stuff.


Garrett sent me this picture right before we worked out and it made me laugh. I hadn’t done Bear Complex since February, and instead of using the same weight for all 5 rounds, we increased weight each round which was tough! Bear Complex is a 5 lift complex that starts with a Power Clean, a Front Squat, a Push Press, a Back Squat and another Push Press. That is one rep. You Do 7 Reps each round. You complete 5 rounds. So yep, if you do the math it’s 35 reps per round, 5 times through. SHEEEEEESH.

If that made no sense, here is a video of the adorable Jen Sinkler demonstrating it. PS — are you reading her site? Because it is awesome! Serious girl crush. Increasing weight each time was RIDICULOUS. I started at 65lbs, then did 75lbs, 80 lbs (where shit starting getting HEAVY), 85 lbs, and then 90 lbs. 90 lbs was ugly. Real, real ugly. You are also not supposed to put the bar down and rest throughout each round of 35 reps, so at the end my grip strength was BLOWN. Also, on my last rep at 90 lbs I may have missed the shoulder press and bonked my head with the barbell. LAME 🙂

After the Bear Complex we did a 400m Zercher Sandbag carry. You essentially make a little forklift out of your arms and place the sandbag right there in the crook of your elbows. I don’t remember how much the sandbag weighed, but it felt heavy walking a quarter of a mile with it. It was a good core stabilizing exercise and was a total upper body workout! Harder than I anticipated, for sure. After that, we did a 200m walk holding a 65lb barbell overhead with a wide snatch grip. YIKES. My shoulders no-likey. But in the end it was a really great day of work!


On Tuesday I set my alarm early to hit up a 5:30am yoga class. When my alarm went off I was SUPER CRAZY tired and so dehydrated that it felt like I had spent my Monday night out drinking on the town. (Uh, spoiler alert: I didn’t.) So I went back to bed! I KNOW. Crazy. Except not really, because I’m trying to be a little nicer to myself and sometimes that means sleeping in until 6:30 and letting dry shampoo save your work day. REST DAY, for the win!

The combo of hot weather, CrossFit and hot yoga has made me pay a lot of attention to my levels of hydration lately. A couple of weeks ago I picked up this coconut water/electrolyte mix and I’m kind of obsessed with it.

OMG my new obsession!

Read more about it here if you are intersted.


Wednesday was just about THE WORST day at work — I needed a “Mental Health Day” when I got home and the CrossFit WOD on tap involved eight 400m sprints. I just wasn’t feeling it. I was kind of bummed because deadlifts were also on the menu, but I just could not muster up any desire to run after such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I ended up going to a Bikram class and it was great. Just what the doctor ordered. Also: sweaty. But that’s a given, I guess.


Woke up bright and early and met my friend Heather (hi Heather!) at the box. We’ve been trying to squeeze in at least one 6am workout per week together and it is so fun to have an accountability buddy. Of course, when I read that the workout was going to involve Bar Facing Burpees (Top 3 on the list of exercises I hate) I may have given her the side eye. 🙂

The first 15 minutes was set aside for working on Bar Muscle Ups which HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NO. No I can not do those even a little bit. So I worked on my kip, which I so rarely work on. Funny, because it totally hasn’t gotten any better with all of that NOT working on it. Weird. 🙂 (It was a lot of work like this. Bonus video of my boyfriend Jason Khalipa. :)) I guess I should do that more often.

Anyway, after that the workout was as follows:

6 Minute AMRAP of:
5 Full Squat Snatches at 85lbs
30 Double Unders

Rest 2 Minutes

6 Minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (I did a push press) at 85lbs
10 Bar Facing Burpees (I look silly and uncoordinated doing these)

I managed to eek out 3 rounds + 1 rep on the first AMRAP and 3 rounds + 5 reps on the second. I actually really enjoyed this workout because it was hard and short. Those snatches felt heavier than I thought they would, but the bar facing burpees felt easier than I thought they would. So…win? I don’t know. It was nice and I had tons of energy all day at work!


Friday I had the day off from work and I was so excited to just do what I wanted! Turns out, what I wanted was to start the day with a 90 minute Bikram class. Ah, to just be able to get up leisurely and go to yoga at 9am. WHY AM I NOT A LADY OF LEISURE? It was a great class because I feel like I’m seeing so much progress every time. Gotta love that when you are doing something new, right?

It was a great workout session and then I went home and showered and Buster and I met up with Garrett on his lunch break and we took a 40 minute walk around the Capitol. It was gorgeous and felt like such a leisurely treat in the middle of the day.
The excitement, it cannot be contained.

I relaxed for a bit after that and watched Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Have you watched it? So good! (Though not surprising considering how much I LOVED the book.) Good thing I got in some relaxing because Garrett + I ended up going to a 6pm CrossFit class together when he got off work.

The wod was as follows and I have to admit, I kind of phoned it in after all that activity already:

Front Squat: 5-5-3-3-1-1 (95lbs, 115, 135, 145, 155, 165)


Hang Power Cleans (I scaled to 75lbs bc I was tiiiiiired)
Ring Dips (I scaled to doing dips on a box because no chance in hell I can do ring dips)


Saturday morning I was up bright and early and headed out to a Spin Class with my friend Kari. The class was called “Music Video Saturdays” and I was curious as to what the hell all of that meant. It ended up being an hour of super fun interval mixes set to specific music videos. I little Pitbull, Britney and Rhianna can really make an hour of intense bike riding go by fast. I’m still learning how intense to go when I spin and there are so many things to monitor with respect to watts, rpms, blah blah blah — so it is fun, but definitely not something I feel I’m a pro at. Great way to start the morning though.


I feel pretty good about this week’s workouts as well as the month so far. In 20 days I have managed to fit in a workout on 16 of those days — and I’m definitely getting in full, non-active rest days as well while trying to balancing the intensity with CrossFit and Yoga.

I purposely front loaded some activity this month because as I mentioned I am off to Columbus next week and I am still unsure what the workout situation is going to be there. It’s pretty long work days and hotels and well, many reasons to NOT workout you know? We’ll see how it shakes out.

Any PRs for you this week? Awesome workouts? Do tell….

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2 Responses to The Week In Workouts

  1. savychacha says:

    Totally watched Orange is the New Black in two sittings over last weekend. Even my husband loved it, which is rare, since we have totally different tastes in shows. We’re both bummed that we have to wait for the next season to come out! Not sure if I should read the book now…does it go into further detail than the show? Will the show be ruined for me if I read the book? Decisions decisions.

  2. Abby says:

    I mostly do martial arts and kettlebell training (my husband is an RKC), and we recently started hitting the University rec center’s weight room. I’m still figuring out how much I can back squat and deadlift, but I managed to do three sets of each with 145 lbs! 🙂 (I took it a little easy with the deadlifts–I usually do 155-160)