Review and Giveaway — Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer


This is a sponsored review for Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer and BlogHer. While I was compensated for my review and provided with free product, all opinions are my own.

True Story: My mom & dad used to call me the ‘queen of lotions & potions’. For my entire teenaged life I had no less than 20 different scented lotions and body sprays sitting on the top of my dresser to mix and match as I saw fit. Every birthday or holiday that was what I asked for.  I wanted it. Of course, when you aren’t responsible for paying any bills, spending all of the money you own on ‘mall lotion’ seems like a good idea. Also, when you have nothing but time on your hands to do homework, gossip about boys, and hang with your friends, your moisturizing routine seems like a reasonable priority. But these days things are a little different. I still love things that smell delicious, and I will never NOT be a moisturizing junkie. Whether it be on my face or on my body, there is nothing that skeeves me out more than itchy dry skin, so I will always stay on top of it. But I have to be honest, during the summers in Sacramento when it’s over 100 degrees outside and I have to shower and blow dry my hair in the morning, I don’t always feel like making the time to moisturize and then stand around and wait for the lotion to dry, you know? Obviously when BlogHer asked if I wanted to try new Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer (specifically the Total Moisture® variant)– a continuous spray lotion that moisturizes (and absorbs) in seconds– I was interested just out of pure curiosity. While I don’t have quite the lotion collection that I used to have, old habits die hard, and I am always interested in trying out the newest products on the drug store shelves. Going into it, I thought it would feel a little bit like using spray sunscreen so I was doubtful it was going to be super moisturizing. I was also afraid it would be sticky (spray sunscreen PTSD, again) so I wasn’t expecting to be impressed. But after using it for a few weeks now, I have found myself grabbing for it over any other lotion I own. It absorbs quickly! And more importantly, it doesn’t go on super thick, but it still hydrates your skin appropriately. And while it feels NOTHING like sunscreen, the scent is super light and smells just like summer should smell. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun new shake-up to your moisturizing routine. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is the perfect hybrid for summer, and it genuinely has saved me time in the mornings. Head over to their Facebook page to learn more about their Spray & Go products!

******* Think Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer could help maximize your morning? Leave a comment on this post with your answer and each comment will automatically be entered for a chance to win a $1,000 SpaFinder gift card 🙂 Entries will be pooled from participating blogs and one winner chosen. 


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55 Responses to Review and Giveaway — Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

  1. Mami2jcn says:

    I noticed there were some other giveaways for a $1000 spafinder gift card from Blogher and Vaseline. Yours was the only one I saw that had the prize listed as a $100 Visa gift card. I’d prefer the Visa gift card! I hope that’s still the prize and not a typo.

    I save time by planning out what I’m going to wear the night before.

  2. Mami2jcn says:


  3. My best time saving trick is to do everything possible the night before. I hate doing it, but feel like a genius in the morning.

  4. Jesabes says:

    My best time saver was teaching the kids to get their own cheerios:)

  5. lizzy says:

    My best time saving time is to figure out what I am going to wear the night before. It takes me forever to figure out what to wear!

  6. dl says:

    My time saving tip is to brush my teeth in the shower (usually while rinsing my hair). I don’t know why, but that move seems to save me so much time!

  7. Elena says:

    I save time by washing my hair in the evening and just taking a quick shower in the morning

  8. savychacha says:

    Every Saturday in my house is prep for the week day. I roast all my veggies for my lunches, and cook whatever meat is going to go along with that. I take out any other meats that need defrosting for dinners during the week and put them in the fridge to defrost. I try to get it all done first first thing in the morning, that way, I have the rest of the weekend to relax (when permitted anyway) and not worry about cooking and prepping. It’s a great habit to get into!

  9. Meredith says:

    Loved this review – I will definitely be trying this. I’ve tried the foam style moisturizer and was not a huge fan. Can’t wait to pick some of this up!

  10. Tabathia B says:

    Probably putting up a breakfast schedule for the kids

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  11. Tabathia B says:
  12. Jules says:

    I love lotion as well and always have an abudance!

  13. Livivua Chandler says:

    My best time saving trip is brushing teeth while in shower

  14. Casey P says:

    I also take my showers at night to save time! It helps me sleep better – and I don’t go to bed feelking funky 🙂 Then I can just wake up, straighten my hair and go! And I’ve used Vaseline Intensive Care as my main lotion for probably 10 years now. Love their products!

  15. stephanie says:

    this lotion will save me time 🙂

  16. Alex B says:

    Most of the time I just moisturize when I get out of the shower, put on my underwear, and get ready like that until it dries 🙂

  17. Jessica To says:

    I save time by setting out my whole family’s clothes the night before.

  18. courtney b says:

    do everything the night before- like your hair! i like to curl it the night before…

  19. Erin says:

    As someone who suffers from eczema I am very cautious about lotions. I use Vaseline lotions on a regular basis and they improve the look of my skin. Most people wouldn’t know I have eczema unless they look really closely. I just saw a commercial for the spray stuff, and I was intrigued. Hope I win!

  20. amy pugmire says:

    my best time saver is taking a shower after I put the kids to bed along with lining up clothes.

  21. Sara Koehler says:

    Sounds great! Hope I win.

  22. Jennifer M says:

    I get everything ready the night before.

  23. Maureen says:

    I would really like to try this. I use Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture lotion right now, and I love it. I live in Alaska, and the dry, cold winter weather used to wreak havoc on my skin-this stuff was a miracle worker-no more dry, itchy skin!! So I am all for trying anything new they put out.

  24. LinhC says:

    My husband would love this product! He needs to and wants to put on lotion, especially on his dry legs, but he can’t stand the sticky feeling most lotions leave.

  25. Jean Marie says:

    I love this moisturizer. This is my fifth bottle. I love this products.

    Moisturizing Mist

  26. I need this! My friends always make fun of me because I’m too lazy to lotion. I would totally use this though.

  27. HilLesha says:

    The Vaseline Spray would make my legs silky and smooth, preparing me to take on the day with confidence. 🙂

  28. June S. says:

    I could use this after shaving my legs in the shower.

  29. Denise S says:

    It would help me start the day out feeling fresh, soft and pretty.

  30. Terry Davies says:

    My best time saving tip is to have everything done the night before. This way all I have to do is get ready, eat and run!

  31. Kim H says:

    I use Vaseline in the mornings and love it!!

  32. Erika says:

    I’m a mom to 2 as of last week, so I could use all the simplifying and streamlining I can get! This looks like a great idea.

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  33. Tracy L Davis says:

    I would save time by spraying it on.

  34. Shaymaa says:

    This can save time allowing me to have breakfast rather than grabbing a breakfast bar on the go

  35. Tamar says:

    It would give me more time to hug my kids longer 🙂

  36. Anastasia says:

    This would maximize my morning by quickly taking care of my rough / dry skin so I can be comfortable all day 🙂

  37. Katy M says:

    When I first saw the super-cute commercial for this I got so excited! I can’t wait to try it- especially this summer when you don’t want to feel sticky!


  38. Stephanie Larison says:

    It would save so much time with my skin routine, it’s been so dry lately and nothing seems to be working.

  39. It would save me some much needed time in the morning by making my routine quicker!

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com

  40. Lisa says:

    It would save a lot of time not having to rub it in!

  41. rachel says:

    I’d be able to get dressed much more quickly!

  42. Kerry says:

    Maybe it would give me enough time to have a second cup of coffee in the morning- that would be great!

  43. Donna says:

    Yes I would love to try it.

  44. Amy Tong says:

    Oh yes. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer could help maximize my morning for sure. I love how easy it is to use and the quick absorbency is a plus. Can’t wait to try this. My morning would be just a lot smoother! pun intended! 😀

    amy [at] utry [dot] it