Practicing Tolerance

There is a pose we do in my yoga class called Supta Vajrasana that, for me, is basically next to impossible. If you look at that picture the woman’s ASS IS ON THE FLOOR. That was maybe something I could do when I was a child, but as an adult? Well, it’ll take some work.

Supta Vajrasana
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But that’s why I’m liking this infusion of fresh skills in my workout routine. Challenge is kind of exciting! And what I’m loving with my online yoga classes, as I do with CrossFit, is that it is a constant reminder that we all have different bodies and different capabilities.

Last night as we got into this particular pose the instructor nonchalantly mentioned that this was a healing pose. For those of us who can’t do it, or need to modify, you generally just stay sitting up on our knees and breathe while staring at yourself in the mirror. YEEEEESH! That’s a whole lot of looking at myself and at first it was a bit uncomfortable. But as I continued to stare at myself, she went on to say that while you may feel like you are doing nothing by just sitting and staring, you are practicing tolerance of your physical body and its limitations.

Practicing tolerance of your physical body and its limitations. It was like a lightbulb. And all of a sudden I understood why this was indeed a healing pose.

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13 Responses to Practicing Tolerance

  1. Alright, I’m going down to the gym to do this now… 🙂

  2. Yoga is so interesting in that way. I’ve always had body image issues and hated looking in the mirror. But in yoga class, I often see my reflection and think I am beautiful and strong and flushed from movement and it is SUCH a welcomed and wonderful change.

    leaner by the lake

    • Holly says:

      So true! And the discipline of doing that — looking at yourself in a mirror over and over — is so, so helpful for my brain. On my first day back a few weeks ago I was so annoyed with how I looked the whole time. Yesterday though I was like “Self, you are a glorious Boticcelli painting!” haha

  3. Kate says:

    Beautifully put. I too struggle with practicing non-judgement. It is probably the hardest thing for me in my practice.

  4. Gabriela says:

    So true! I always try to keep in mind that no matter how my workout goes each day, I still need to appreciate my body for what it can do and practice acceptance.

  5. Maria says:

    That pose becomes a lot more accessible if you sit up on a block. It’s also pretty awesome to do it one leg at a time.

  6. sarah b says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. As a yoga teacher, it is so great to hear you are mixing in yoga again to your routine. Enjoy! We love hearing about it all. Inspiring as always!

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, it has been fun! I think mixing things up is always the quickest way to get out of a workout rut and so far the yoga is a really welcome addition.

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