Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

Rest Days


I had some vacation days to burn through so I took today and yesterday off because I thought I might need a little break after Columbus. SO GLAD I did that since I wasn’t super motivated on Saturday and Sunday.

All of this means I don’t have a ton of exciting things to write about unless you want to hear a detailed account of how I dusted every surface of my house yesterday or the ins and outs of my Eureka Steam Mop.

I’ve been cooking, but mostly simple food (though I also made 2 recipes from this book and they were AMAZING!) I’ve been catching up on my DVR, but mostly bad reality television. I’ve been doing some yoga and I’ve been reading books (HOLY HELL this book is GREAT!) I’ve also been taking some bubble baths and today I’m planning an epic nap.

It feels good to be focused only on things that are restful to my mind and body. Now if only I could figure out how to live this way full time! 🙂

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