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Fun Things To Read On A Friday


I saw this on Civilized Caveman’s Instagram feed this week and it cracked me up! This is exactly the difference between Garrett and I in the morning. I am a REALLY ANNOYING morning person and once I’m up – well, I’m pretty much ready to face the day. Garrett takes a little warming up. I have the day off today so I’m up and puttering around the house with the Pandora Remix station blasting and Buster and I have already had a little dance party. Garrett is still rolling his eyes at us whispering “My Preeeeeeecious” as he holds his cup of coffee.

Anyway, enough about that! Shall we talk links? Yes, let’s do that:


*Check out 25 Mind Blowing Food Prep Techniques to Save You Time & Frustration (The fishing out eggshell tip actually *did* blow my mind.)

*I loved the concept of Productivity Shaming. Well, I didn’t love it but it certainly was eye opening. Holy hell can I relate to this: Hey Overacheiver – 5 Reasons Why Your Productivity Doesn’t Equal Your Self Worth. (I especially liked #3.)

*Tangentially related: Perfectionism and indecision masks the fear we’re not enough on our own. We have lived here for over 4 years and the walls are still white in my house. It definitely goes deeper than paint.

*Wellness Mama threw down some real perspective this week about why she strives for health. So true. I strive for health so that when I am 86 I can do this.

*Wanna scratch that summer reading itch with something delicious? Check out these food essay recommendations.

*I must really love Love Triangles because most of my favorite movies are on this list: 25 Essential Love Triangle Movies

*Fellow nerds — HOW AWESOME IS THIS? (Cliffs Notes: SUPER AWESOME. I want to take all of them!)

*Can we talks books for a second?
I’m super curious about this book and am going to try the lettuce tip she shares here.

Also, I finally got to check out this cookbook and HOLY MOLY it is like 900 times more amazing than I thought it would be. I’m literally chomping at the bit to cook from it. Review forthcoming when I’ve made some of the recipes as they all look awesome.

Buster loves @healthbentsays book already! #paleo dog
Plus – Buster Approved! I love this picture because it shows how small Buster really is. Most folks who have seen his picture are suprised at how small he is in real life. Here he is with a cookbook for scale. HAHA

*I’m going to be in Columbus, Ohio for the next week for work so I am going through this slideshow with a find toothed comb. I WILL ONLY PACK ONE SUITCASE. I WILL ONLY PACK ONE SUITCASE.

*Speaking of travel, that means lots of time for book and magazine reading. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Did you see this great list of Totally Amazing Magazines We Should All Be Reading? Four of my favorites are included! Also in my top faves? Fast Company, Sunset and Vanity Fair.


If you have any reading material recommendations feel free to let ’em rip! I’m all ears for good stuff to read while I’m out of town. Hope you all have a great weekend! We’ll just be lounging, running errands and the like. What are your plans?

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