Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

Practicing Tolerance

There is a pose we do in my yoga class called Supta Vajrasana that, for me, is basically next to impossible. If you look at that picture the woman’s ASS IS ON THE FLOOR. That was maybe something I could do when I was a child, but as an adult? Well, it’ll take some work.

Supta Vajrasana
photo credit

But that’s why I’m liking this infusion of fresh skills in my workout routine. Challenge is kind of exciting! And what I’m loving with yoga, as I do with CrossFit, is that it is a constant reminder that we all have different bodies and different capabilities.

Last night as we got into this particular pose the instructor nonchalantly mentioned that this was a healing pose. For those of us who can’t do it, or need to modify, you generally just stay sitting up on our knees and breathe while staring at yourself in the mirror. YEEEEESH! That’s a whole lot of looking at myself and at first it was a bit uncomfortable. But as I continued to stare at myself, she went on to say that while you may feel like you are doing nothing by just sitting and staring, you are practicing tolerance of your physical body and its limitations.

Practicing tolerance of your physical body and its limitations. It was like a lightbulb. And all of a sudden I understood why this was indeed a healing pose.

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