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Fun Things To Read On A Friday


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This picture makes me laugh. I sent it to Garrett via text this week and he replied, “Is Buster campaigning for something I don’t know about?” Ha! That dog is a cutie. I took this picture sitting on our new patio lounge chairs. I recently went to Target to pick up one thing, and of course I left with patio furniture. I mean, what. the hell? But the awesome thing is they were very affordable and it has already meant tons of time spent outside. I’ve been coming home from work everyday and just pouring myself a giant glass of ice water and heading outside with my book and the dog. It’s been a crazy week around here work-wise, so I’m looking forward to coasting into the weekend and just recharging. What are you up to?


*This week Eat Boutique published an awesome looking list of Summer Cookbook Inspiration

*I thought this was a really smart strategy for keeping to a budget while still getting everything you want. Who doesn’t want that?

*I couldn’t resist and bought one of these t shirts this week.

*It’s canning season, which always reminds me of my grandma and the summer she taught me to make jam. I was really excited to run across this list of No Sugar Jams and Jellies as an alternative to the sugary (though delicious) recipes I remember

*You know I’m a sucker for a good memoir. Check out the few on Tammy’s nightstand.

*How delicious and summer-y does this Basil Lime Marinade sound?

*I know I have been a little bit on the crazy sardine bandwagon lately, but seriously: READ THIS. Great photos, info and ideas!


Short and sweet this week because I spent very little time online. Boo! Must change that this weekend. 🙂 ha Have a good one, folks!

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