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Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Oh yes I did.
Oh yes. Yes I did. How could I not with a little white dog?

You guys, it will only be 93 degrees today in my town. HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH! I can feel normalcy returning finally, and man it feels good. Did you have a fun Fourth of July? I ate a lot of delicious ribs, hung with friends, ate an amazing gluten free vanilla cupcake from Whole Foods and watched some bad reality tv while trying to keep Buster from going ape shit. Fireworks did not make this little dog happy, but we got through it with lots of cuddling. Last night I slept the sleep of the dead with the windows open and a cool breeze blowing and WOW I feel like a new person today. A new person ready for a weekend, of course, but new nonetheless!

Let’s get to the links already, eh?


*How delicious does this summer cocktail look? And so refreshing!

*I think it would go perfect with this burger, which I am DEFINITELY grilling up this weekend now that the weather isn’t ridiculous.

*Moderation is a Sham was the best thing I read all week. I think Allison’s perspective is spot on.

*Sizzle wrote a GREAT post this week on Being vs. Fixing that made me want to give her a giant high five.

*Such a powerful thing to keep in mind: How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

*Really interested in checking out this documentary.

*Rethink the way you live was thought provoking. Where should good design and a realistic lifestyle actually intersect?

*Great thoughts on Why You Should Let Yourself Succeed and Go Get the Life You Want. I mean seriously, GO GET IT ALREADY!

*Want a quick easy read that will jumpstart your prodcutivity? Amy Lynn Andrews’ $2.99 Kindle book Tell Your Time is a short, sweet guidebook worth reading.

*This week’s 10 Pieces of Inspiration from The Simple Dollar was a good one. Go read it!

*While I am obviously loving the hell out of zucchini right now, I still think you can’t have too much cauliflower inspiration. (Check out this recipe too! Must come up with a paleo version STAT.)


Have a nice weekend you all! See ya next week!

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