Wednesday Bullets

Hey, Wednesday Bullets when it’s almost Thursday. That’s just how I’m rolling this week. I know this is a liiiiiiiiiittle late, but I still wanted to pop in and talk about some (completely Un-) important things.

Oh, you know, just out walking the dog

*First: This is how you walk a white dog who has just had a bath up a dirt path. Just in case you were curious. Buster doesn’t mind!

*Second: WINNER WINNER, who is making a Paleo Chicken Dinner from Paleo Cooking From Elana’s Pantry? Tami is, since she won the giveaway! Congrats, lady!

*If you didn’t win, I apologize times one million. But it is on sale at Amazon right now for $11 — which is ALMOST FREE.

*The really unimportant, but totally important thing I am dying to tell you: I FOUND A MAXI DRESS! Sweet Baby Jesus, I’m excited! And what made it even more exciting was that it was on clearance at Gap for 12.99. (It looks like this in style, but like this in color. And uh…NOT $70!)

*I was in love with it when I tried it on (so flattering, so comfy!) but it was oddly long. Oddly, because my whole problem with finding a maxi dress has been that I’m practically 6 feet tall and they all end up looking awkwardly short. But this one ended up being almost 3 inches too long. What’s even more curious is that it is a size Large. I mean, how tall is the target audience at GAP if a Large doesn’t fit someone who is 6 feet tall?

*Anyway, I took it to a tailor and it made me happy that I bought it on clearance because to hem it 3 inches and to fix the tank area (arm holes were also oddly large) it was $28. CRIMONY. Anyway, I’ll show it to you eventually when it doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a blanket wrapped around me and dragging it on the floor. :)

*Here’s a dress I can show you though. Please buy it immediately because it is comfy as hell and when I wear it I want to shout “THIS IS WHAT SUMMER LOOKS LIKE!” But then people would probably look at me funny. It’s way more neon in real life than it is in the picture. Which makes it BETTER in my opinion.
Worlds comfiest t shirt dress currently being sold at Gap
PS – It looks cuter if you put a belt on it. OBVIOUSLY. :)

*Speaking of neon, Garrett & I both bought some pretty hideously obnoxious new neon workout shoes. Mine are these awesome New Balances and I am a little bit in love with them.
Team Obnoxious Shoes

*Now I need to take the plunge and pony up for some lifting shoes. Recommendations please and thank you.

*Do you know what I DO NOT LOVE right now? The concept of “Guilt Free” Dining. It’s everywhere. Seriously. TV Commercials, magazine articles, food blogs. EVERYWHERE. I find it especially irksome when it is on a restaurant menu. It doesn’t matter whether I want a bucket of lettuce on my plate, a giant steak, or a brownie covered in hot fudge — none of these require a moral judgment. It bugs me when companies use condescending (or even sometimes offensive) marketing but spin it like they are doing you a favor. Oh hey, see this here menu item? You can eat this without guilt because I have labeled it as such. Um, thank you but no. I do not need your approval Menu Magistrate. I eat what I want without guilt because I know how to think critically. Also: I AM AN ADULT AND I DO WHAT I WANT.

*No idea why this is rubbing me the wrong way so much lately. ::::checks calendar::::::: Ah, ok.

*It rained all day Monday and Tuesday and I wore a sweatshirt. It is going to be over 100 degrees for the next 5 days. Sacramento, YOU MAKE NO SENSE.

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