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Wait, wait...get me from my good side!
How about a Doggie Glamour Shot for your Friday?

You guys, I am SO EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND!!! We are having dinner with some friends tonight and then Saturday afternoon/evening is our gym’s 5 Year Anniversary party. Hooray! Lots of celebrating. The only catch is that tomorrow morning the gym is hosting a co-ed partner competition in celebration of the 5 years and GOD DAMN IT, GARRETT SIGNED US UP. :) Heh. I’m mad at him because I am really not feeling at the top of my fitness game lately, so OMG why compete whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. LOL Also, it’s 3 workouts in a row. (Here is the wod lineup.) Good thing it’s just a bunch of peeps having fun (I hope) because I don’t have a lot of competitive spirit lately. I know regardless, it will be a good time!

Then on Sunday, it is relaxation city. All that is on the agenda is cooking and trying to keep up with the Kardashians or something similarly mindless. Woot! Anyway, shall we get to the links?


*I can’t stop listening to this song. We must have heard it 25 times on our road trip which was completely annoying. But now, of course, when I hear it I smile. And the fact that more than one of you suggested it for my cheesy pop song Summer Bucket List project, means YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. :)

*Classical Statues Dressed Up As Hipsters makes me literally LOL.

*I want to eat basically everything on this list. Yay inspiration!

*Speaking of recipes, I’m fantasizing about 4th of July side dishes. So far I’d like to include Roasted Strawberry + Toasted Coconut Popsicles. Oh wait, that’s only dessert. Hmmmm. Better get thinking about *actual* side dishes.

*I know I’ve linked to things about the Circle of Concern vs. the Circle of Influence but it’s worth mentioning again because I still love this take on stress management. I just need to be better about putting my stresses in the right circles. Baby steps.

*Related to stress management – I probably need to tape this list up somewhere: 32 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Wine. :)

*Here’s a little exercise that will make you instantly feel like you’ve got your shit together. Seriously. You’ve come a long way. Don’t forget that.

*I am so in love with this list of lessons learned from strength training. Aaaaaaaah, so true!

*Thinking about bringing these to the party this weekend. I feel like pot lucks happen all the time during the summer. What is YOUR favorite dish to bring? I always need inspiration.

*Love Brene Brown’s advice for bloggers. She is one smart cookie.

*What do you want more of in your life? Where is your focus? (love Love LOVED this reminder.)

*Totally thinking about doing this in the archway into our office. Since we can’t decide on paint colors, why not?


Hope you have a great weekend you all!

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