Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Yep. We matched. Unintentionally. Like Dorks.

Happy Friday, y’all!

I still have some fun things to say about Iowa last week (So good to see AndreAnna — I’m so glad you all agree with me that she should bring her blog back: BRING YOUR BLOG BACK ANDREANNA! HEEEEEEE) but this week has been NUTS-O (Of course it has. When, oh when, will my life feel under control? UNKONWN.) But I guess I will be saving that for another day. Today I thought you might want some things to take your mind off…well, whatever it is you are avoiding doing right at the moment.

Internet rabbit holes, FOR THE WIN:


So I’ve been contemplating my workout routine and trying to strategize how to make it more well rounded for me personally. I know! What a concept! There isn’t One! Right! Workout Routine! (GASP.) Anyway, based on my current life, stress load, health goals, etc I haven’t made any decisions but I’m gathering information and working it all out. The following posts have given me some good food for thought:

*Steady State Cardio A Thyroid Killer
*15 Ways to Squeeze More Yoga Into Your Everyday Activities
*Sprinting and Walking are totally underrated
*Top 30 Tips to Lose Belly Fat — Look I’m sick of Bikini Body magazine articles too, but this list is actually useful.
*Core Fitness For Women — Yep, they talk about kegels as core fitness. WHAT?

Anyway, that was a lot of info about exercising…sheesh! How about some other stuff, like…

*100 Questions to Inspire Rapid Self Discovery— ooooh, some good ones, right?

*I watched this in the Minneapolis Airport on my layover last week and totally loved it.

*Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls…so I will — nothing like a sensationalized title to get ya clicking, eh? But I thought there were a lot of great points in here.

*Why Vegans and Paleos Should Stop Hating Each Other YESSSSS!

*A friend of mine is gathering 8 people together for dinner and sent us an email that included a link to this interactive online scheduler. HOW BAD ASS IS THIS? Game: Changed!

*Things I am cooking this weekend:
Chicken Bacon Alfredo
Avocado with Warm Bacon Cilantro Dressing
*Kiwi Blackberry Summer Sangria
*Bloody Mary Salad
and maybe just maybe a Grain Free Chocolate Pudding Pie 🙂 We’ll see!

*Speaking of things to cook: I’m hosting a Great Gatsby themed dinner party in a couple of weeks for book club — any recipe suggestions? FIRE AWAY!

What are you all up to this weekend? We are getting Buster groomed for the first time (OMG that dog is shedding like a crazy dog. He is leaving clumps of hair around the house that look like those old school rabbit’s foot keychains. Which, btw? Those were GROSS, right?) Also doing some heavy lifting, some dog walking, and some serious iced coffee drinking. It’s going to be over 100 all weekend! Hope you all have a good one!

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12 Responses to Fun Things To Read On A Friday

  1. sizzle says:

    That article about things no one will tell a fat girl? THANK YOU FOR THAT! I seriously needed to read it today.

  2. sizzle says:

    P.S. Your hair looks super cute!

    P.P.S. How did you not know about Doodle before now? It’s a game changer.

  3. Mariah B says:

    I love that article about things to tell a fat girl…. Some people are naturally thin, others are not. And those of us who aren’t should embrace it! Plus it makes me want to have a photo session in a book store or library…. 🙂

  4. Mallory says:

    I think you have to have mint juleps at your party!

  5. ~T says:

    I haven’t actually read your post yet (but I’ll get to it soon; I so love your Friday stuff and look forward to it throughout the week). Your hair and skin looks fabulous! The haircut so beautifully frames your face and your skin is just glowing. You look terrific!

  6. Mary says:

    I love these Friday posts. And glad to see someone else that is looking forward to the hot weekend in Sacramento – summer is too late coming. Maybe I can finally take the dogs to the lake!

  7. Noblepower says:

    Holly, your hair in that photo: SO CUTE. And bobs were big in the 20’s with the IT crowd. Maybe you could wear a 20’s style beaded headband when you host that Gatsby-styled dinner party?

  8. Maureen says:

    As a huge fan of classic movies from the 20’s and 30’s-you must serve a nice dish of stalks of celery. Almost every movie I see during this time period-you see people chomping down on the celery-no fun fillings, just the celery. I don’t know why it has stuck with me-but it does explain some of the serving dishes I see at garage sales 🙂

  9. Meredith says:

    Love you, but I must jump on the BRING BACK ANDREANNA bandwagon. I miss that girl, her recipes, and Charlotte’s smile.

  10. KellyBrown says:

    Dude. Re: Buster…..have them shave his undercoat when he gets groomed. We do that with Oscar the Pug in the summer and it helps immensely!