Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Throwing a tantrum because he can't have salami and cheese for dinner. #dogchild

I would like to know where the expression “Working like a dog” came from because in Buster’s world this means laying on the couch a lot, demanding we pet him and throwing tantrums if he can’t eat salami and cheese for dinner. :)

Let’s celebrate making it to Friday by reading some fun things, shall we?

*It’s so weird to me that people still think this is such a radical idea, but I love it: Butter is a health food. It would be REALLY nice if butter slathered on sourdough bread was a health food too, but the butter alone is a good progress. :)

*Kathleen’s Forever Young manifesto made me so ready to go to Lake Tahoe this weekend. I want this weekend to be restorative because I need that so bad in my life right now. And when I get home, I feel some lists coming on. I need to get a little more focused on managing how I feel and my stress levels because lately I am feeling like a crotchety old lady (a little bit physically but mostly emotionally) and that is NO BUENO.

*I love seeing how other people organize their email inbox. It’s like medicine cabinet snooping in this modern age.

*If you have ladyparts, you should TOTALLY listen to these two episodes of the Balanced Bites podcast. (Hey, maybe next week I’ll talk about some new podcasts, eh?) Super great info!

*You know what you should do this weekend? Get some sleep! I hope some of you find space to write Take a Nap on your To-Do List.


Speaking of lists, I have to go write my packing list! Have a fantastic weekend you guys!

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