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Woo hoo! It’s Friday! Which means not only is it the weekend, but another CrossFit Games Open Workout is in the books. I had a friend ask me to explain the Open because it was kind of confusing, so in case you are also confused, here is the scoop:

Every year there is an annual competition within CrossFit to determine the Fittest Man and Woman (ON EARTH! HAHA) It’s held in the summer, but to get there you first have to start in the Open. Anyone worldwide can set up a profile and participate, and it consists of doing 1 workout each week for 5 weeks (that are a secret until each Wednesday night at 5pm) at their home gyms and then submitting their scores online. (They have to be validated by your judge, so it’s not just willy nilly internet lies! lol) The highest scores move on to the Regional competition which is a big event, and then those winners move on to The CrossFit Games. Make sense?

For someone like me…well, I’m NOT going to the Games. Most regular people aren’t. But those are JUST the people who should be competing. It’s hard to explain, but everyone gets really excited and into it and it’s a really awesome time at the gym because it brings the whole community together since we are all attempting the same feat every week for a month. Most people pushing extra hard and many achieve new personal records during this time of year so it’s inspiring to watch.

It’s fun to speculate about the workouts, try your best, and see how you stack up not only in your own gym but against athletes around the world. I HIGHLY recommend participating even if you aren’t someone who is destined to get to the games. One of our coaches wrote a great post the other day about CrossFit in general, but I think the idea is relevant to the Games Workouts as well — it makes the whole thing feel like a Team Sport. Good Times!

So that’s what Garrett and I are spending our Thursday nights doing for the next 3 weeks so I thought I should explain in case you were like, “What is she talking about every Friday morning?” Anyway, enough talking, shall we get on with the links already? I think we shall!


*First, can we talk about this Google Reader Crisis! How can they take it away….WAH! Ah, well, instead of pouting, check out Katy Widrick’s advice on using Feedly as an alternative. I actually really like the look of Feedly, so hopefully I will get used to it as a replacement.

*I feel like I’ve seen the idea of “Being Brave” tossed around so much on the internet this year that, for me, it was kind of losing meaning. But I’ll tell you what, when I read Kathleen’s take I thought she really nailed it.

*Caity’s 2013 Hair Trends made me want to have a whole new head of hair. Your hair is probably awesome already though, so head over and check out some fun inspiration!

*You know what sounds like WORST JOB EVER: This job. Fascinating article though.

*Speaking of fascinating, here is a person I think is fascinating interviewing a person I think is fascinating. I mean, it’s like exponential fascination. Recipe for success!

*Can we talk about the Fear of Missing Out for a minute? Oh wait, let’s not. Because now that I am 34 and a bit more settled with myself, I’ll tell you what, I wholeheartedly agree with this.

*So what are you guys up to this weekend? I’m thinking about spending equal amounts of time outdoors and lounging on my couch. If you’re doing the latter, maybe check out of few of these: 82 Best Comedies Currently Streaming on Netflix.

*Or if you’re kind of in a movie mood but would rather just curl up with a good read, have a little look-see at The Oral History of Pulp Fiction. LOVED this.


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