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Fun Things To Read On A Friday

I love you weekend

Finally I can drink! And eat bacon! But here’s the rub: My plan includes running a billion miles this weekend (well, not quite that many) but drinking doesn’t really help that situation. Sigh. I will figure something out, I promise.

So. Drinking. Running. Reading. (Current Book is excellent so far. YES!) This should hopefully shake out nicely. Speaking of reading, here is some stuff I enjoyed reading this week:

*Since I plan to pour through my book this weekend, I particularly enjoyed How To Read And Get Flat Abs. This needs an infomercial! 🙂 Think you don’t have time to read? I loved the tips in How To Read A Book A Week. (Amy has a great blog, btw! A veritable potpurri of interesting content. I said potpurri in my Alex Trebek voice right there, just so you know.)

*Lots of great tips is this post about How To Organize Your Life Online. I’m basically interested in reading how ANYONE organizes ANYTHING. I think this is why I like Pinterest so much.

*I’m at a bit of a professional crossroads right now. So much to say about this, but you know…blogs are not the spot for workplace talk and all that. I’ll tell you though that being at that crossroads, I immensely enjoyed The Secret Ingredient For Success

It’s easy to find pat ways to explain why the world has not adequately rewarded our efforts. But what we learned from conversation with high achievers is that challenging our assumptions, objectives, at times even our goals, may sometimes push us further than we thought possible.

*Want to think about serious things for a minute? This post about food fraud led me down a rabbit hole of head shaking.

*I read this post about being right on the cusp of plus sized clothing and thought it was interesting. I have to say though, I sort of enjoy being right on the cusp. I feel like I have MORE options, rather than less.

*Goals are an illusion! I think this has so many great points, even as an obsessive goal-setter.

It can be so easy to compare our goals to those we see our friends setting and those floating around the internet. But in reality, each goal is unique and the process of reaching that goal will look different for every person. And that’s okay.

*Neil Gaiman lost his dog recently, and what he wrote about it broke my heart into a million pieces. And then I read Sizzle’s post about her mom’s dog and immediately donated $20. God you guys, somewhere along the line finding our little dog has just turned me into a complete sap. I can’t even IMAGINE anything happening to Buster (WEEP!) and we have only had him for 5 months. 5 months today, actually! Aw…Gratuitous dog pic opportunity. BAM:
Saturday is for snuggles!

*Salon wrote a great Guide To Writing A Memoir. You should read it and then write one. I want to read it.


So…did you read any life changing links this week? Pass em on. And also…HAVE A DAMN GOOD WEEKEND!

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