We Can’t All Be Perfect

Can I tell you what I am absolutely terrible at? Realizing that I am sick. The last time I was forced to realize I was sick I was trying to donate blood at a blood drive and was brutally rebuffed after having a fever of 101. Of course as soon as they said “Well are you feeling sick?” I started to realize…oh right, I have been super tired and my body has been achy and I’m not really eating anything and hmmm…but until the idea was forced upon me I was just walking around clueless and acting like an ass (ie: doing training runs for the half marathon last time around.)

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I experienced a little bit of deja vu this weekend. I was sneezy and congested all weekend but thought it was probably allergies. I got up and went for a run Saturday morning on a trail full of trees, that’s probably why I was sneezing! We had been out at a CrossFit competition all day and we had taken the dog — “It’s probably just allergies!” I had taken a couple of really long naps (which, while enjoyable, lately it is very unlike me) “Hmmm…I guess I was just tired.” It’s like I just can’t do the health math. Must’ve failed that subject in school.

Yesterday I got home from going to 4 different grocery stores and it was literally all I could do to get the groceries in the house before collapsing on the couch in a stuffed up heap! Temperature: 100 degrees. Hmmm…no wonder the 3 mile run I had done that morning felt so slow and heavy.


I wrote a To-Do list on Friday morning that had 17 things on it. Currently 14 are not crossed off and I’m feeling a little stressed about that, but I have to take it easy today . I am feeling better this morning, but not 100% so I’m just going to try and ease back into real life without diving head first into something stupid and then getting full blown sick! Like, uh, working out this afternoon which I suggested to Garrett and he just looked at me and shook his head. Crap, I don’t know — it looks like a fun workout! But I probably should just stay home and write a love letter to my immune system for packing such a powerful punch already this weekend.

I’m bummed this is all happening at the end of the Whole 30 because I feel like my cheerleading should be at an all time high right now since we are all about to cross the finish line. But know that I am cheering you on in spirit. We are almost there folks!

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10 Responses to We Can’t All Be Perfect

  1. Danielle says:

    Ugh! Damn colds. I suffered through one during the first couple weeks of my Whole30 – not how I wanted to kick it off. Hopefully with all the clean eating you’ve been doing, your immune system will be able to kick it quickly. Feel better!

  2. I’m a full believer in mind-over-body so when I get knocked on my @$$ by a virus I’m a total pathetic mess. And having seen you Saturday – looking lovely as always – I wouldn’t even have guessed! I have to say that while not perfect at being sick – You’re still kind of a badass!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh man 🙁 I hope you are feeling better soon! With all that whole food goodness running through your veins, hopefully you’ll be back up and running in no time!

  4. sizzle says:

    I’m pretty much the opposite. I am in tune with even the slightest deviation from my regular health and get a little crazy about self-care when it comes to these sorts of things. The moment I feel run down I start popping Zicam and extra vitamin C, get extra sleep, avoid alcohol/sugars, wash my hands extra, and minimize my plans. I’m a freak.

    I hope you feel better!

  5. Sarah B says:

    Aww, hope you feel better soon. You’re such a go getter! I’m a little bit Type A myself. When I get sick I try to remember that it’s my bodies way of telling my ego to take a break. It is hard for my ego to listen to that one. 🙂

  6. Arsy says:

    Bummer! Hope you feel better, Holly! I know it’s hard to ignore the to do list, but get lots of sleep & rest, lady!

  7. Manda says:

    I actually have NO problem admitting I’m sick. I’m terrible at being sick, unfortunately for everyone around me. Sigh. Hope you feel better friend!

  8. Alicia says:

    So sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather, especially in the last days of your Whole30! Hope you get lots of nutritious comfort food and rest.

  9. KellyBrown says:

    I got the horrible flu that was going around everywhere in Chicago right at Christmas. It turned into pneumonia and whopping cough (no joke). PLEASE take care of yourself!

    • Holly says:

      I have, I promise! Being sick is just the absolute pits. It sucks to just long for “a regular, boring life.” haha Skipped the gym the last few days, and finally feel like I am full of TIGER BLOOD! 🙂 Triumphant return this afternoon, I think. 🙂