Wednesday Bullets

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Too many ideas! Not enough time!

As usual, lots to say but not a lot of time to format this into something that makes logical sense and has a structure. So. Bullets!

*The only good thing about starting a week with a Tuesday that felt like a Monday (womp womp) is that your Wednesday then feels like a Tuesday, and that is a much more enjoyable situation. Especially when you have Friday off.

*Speaking of Friday’s off, I’m giving up my work schedule that gives me every other Friday off. I’ve had this schedule for a little over 2 years and enjoyed it, but the downside is it means I work longer hours. Giving it up means I will get off work at 3:30 from now on and I’m basically thrilled about that. Garrett and I did a lot of scheming and planning and just talking about life this weekend and one of the things that has been stressing me out for quite some time is the fact that I leave for work before 7am, get home at about 4:30, go to the gym at 5, come home and cook dinner and by the time I hit the couch it’s 7pm and NOW WHERE THE HELL DID THE DAY GO AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GET UP AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW? Something clicked this weekend and I thought to myself, hey — you don’t have to do that if you don’t want. Isn’t that just the most empowering thought. I mean seriously, digest that for a minute.  So, for me, being done with work at 3:30 will be nice for a change.

*We picked our running assignments for The Relay the other night (my team is super rad, yay!) and I’m Runner 9. That probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you, but maybe this will: It is rated the second easiest route! ha! HOORAY! (Not that I think it will be easy for me by any stretch of the imagination) It has me running 4.4 miles through Sonoma (right where my Grandma used to live which is AWESOME), 6.5 miles at night through Millbrae and 6.3 miles through Ben Lomond. I’m excited. It’s a little over 17 miles which will be a challenging amount of distance for me, but not so much incline that I will want to off myself. I think it’s a good match for my skills. Still haven’t worked out a training plan yet and THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

*Some folks have been asking for a post about what I recommend regarding the Whole 30 reintroduction protocol and what my plans are Post Whole 30. I’m marinating on it and will try and maybe get it together by this weekend.

*Speaking of Whole 30, can we talk about the fact that it is Day 21 and I still (STILL) really miss booze. I’m surprised because at this point, during my last go round, I was over it. But these days all I can think about is when I get to have a glass of wine. I’m scouring Pinterest for cocktail recipes and lustily looking at the bottles of cider in our outdoor fridge. It’s kind of weird. I’m thinking about continuing the Whole 30 through February and honestly the food challenge is not even phasing me. But thinking about going through another 30 days WITHOUT A FREAKING DRINK? Man, it’s causing some panic.

*And since we’re doing a little stream of consciousness and talking about potential posts, I’m really itching to do a post about The Business of Blogging. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Partially because I have done some sponsored posts and want to talk about that. Partially because I have moved this blog into the For-Profit arena in the past few years and I want to say more about that so you know my intentions. And partially because I have lots of thoughts about pursuing your passions and career goals without being a total sleaze-bag and I think it all relates. Man, I have lots of ideas I need to get out on paper soon.

*No time is sort of this recurring theme in my life and it’s 100% my own fault that I don’t have the time that I want. I’ve been bitching to Garrett lately about how I don’t really have time to read, but I realized yesterday when I confessed to twitter that I follow 295 blogs (TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE! AND SOME POST MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY!) that it is not so much that I don’t have time for reading, but that I am not making time to read books. I guess this number probably explains a little bit about why I’ve felt compelled to start sharing weekly links though, because MAN, I read a lot of crap I want to share! That said, are you into linnks? Hate them? Wish they didn’t come on Friday’s like every other website on the internet? :) Because I’ve been thinking about what is the best way to share them. Is a round up post fun to read? Would you rather me link them over on the Holly Would If She Could Facebook Page? I always worry on Facebook that nobody actually *sees* the posts because of Zuckerber’s Maniacal Formulas or whatever. But I’m open. Feedback, yo. I’m asking for it. :::cringes:::: Also while we’re at it…how many blogs do YOU follow?

*Social media culling is on my radar and I’m taking on my digital landscape like someone walking through the jungle with a machete. I cut my reader down about 20 sites yesterday (hey, it’s a start!) and then I went over to twitter and asked myself the same questions that I’m now asking myself about Facebook friends:

* do I have your email?
* do I follow you somewhere else (twitter/instagram/RRS) and do I like you there better?
* could I easily find you again if I wanted to contact you?
* have we interacted recently? (…and have I enjoyed it?)

And hopefully shortly I will have a little more time. Time to do things like write posts that aren’t long, meandering and peppered with bullets. :)

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