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Happy Friday

I’ve sat down to write this post three times now and each time productivity has been foiled by a dog who wants to play. Buster is most happy these days in two states: outside running around and chasing his toy with us, or asleep on the couch on top of one of us. No in betweens. He is vocal about his disinterest in us typing away at the computer or cooking dinner. Oh look, four times now. :) Good thing he is cute! Garrett is hanging out with some family this weekend and I sort of feel like he is leaving me home alone with a newborn. HA! Especially since my weekend is going to include a lot of working in front of a computer. Should be interesting. In the meantime I read some fun stuff this week, and if you’d like to make your experience more accurate as you read each link pretend there is a fluffy white dog dropping a stuffed squeaking Spiderman doll at your feet.

*I do a lot of talking about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things so I really appreciated this perspective on When to Stay In Your Comfort Zone.

*A ton of you emailed me about picking up your Incredible Year Workbook that I linked to last week. Reader Carrie also clued me in that Ask Moxie has coordinated a Facebook group for those working through it if that interests you. I joined!

*In a reading mood this weekend? Check out The Best Books of 2012 – according to my friend Elizabeth. She reads a ridiculous amount of books and 100% endorse her taste in reading material!

*Or if you are feeling like moving towards some non-fiction I added a few of the books off HPB’s list of 5 Books About Running to my library queue the other day. A book about running totally changed my life once, so I’m always game to flip through more.

*I had some GREAT workouts this week at the gym and I am feeling really energized in the gym despite the fact that I’m feeling those extra lbs. If any of you are thinking about trying CrossFit this year, I loved this post about 10 Tips For Success For The CrossFit Newbie

*If you’re not quite into taking the CrossFit plunge and just thinking about starting a new fitness routine check out Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You.

*We’re rounding out our second(ish) week of the Whole 30. Not quite to the summit, but getting closer to that downhill slope. Keep up the good work guys, and here is some updated inspiration. If you’re sick of drinking water here are some ways to shake up your daily beverages.

*Caitlin made some tasty looking Coconut Cashew Butter that seems like it would be quite delicious mixed up with some fruit for a weekend treat.

*Getting tired of cooking the same old things? Check out this round up of multiple visual diaries of a Whole 30 complete with recipes from Whole Food, Half Ass.

*I’m debating whether to get put lobster tails on my menu this week. Pain Free Kitchen breaks down a super simple tutorial/recipe that makes me feel like taking the plunge! What are you all making next week?


Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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