2013 Goals

Holly Would If She Could - 2013 Goals

I wasn’t sure whether or not I would set any goals this year. Can you believe those words even came out of my mouth? The thing is, I want 2013 to be the year that I am PRESENT and goal setting, while super duper awesome can be the gateway drug to living in the future (for me!)

But the other big thing that goal setting gives me is a compass. It is a list of things that guide my way, and I reminded myself that they do not need to be set in stone. They can evolve. They can get bigger. They can get smaller. And I can base all of that on what I’m doing and how I’m living IN THE PRESENT.

So I did end up making an awesome list, and it’s just some things I’ve got kicking around in my head RIGHT NOW in the areas I want to focus on: Fitness, Fun, Relationships, My Jobs, and this Blog. I reserve the right to update it when and if the time seems right.

Fitness Goals

*Train for and run The Relay Did I really sign up for this. Yes, yes I did. Oh lordy!
*Run another half marathon And beat my old time, obviously.
*Continue CrossFit 4-5 per week Can’t live without it. This is year three. I can’t even believe that.
*Do a pull up. By yourself. Without a band. One of these days I’ll get there.
*Map out a plan to improve your lifting technique Buy a book, take a class, play around at open gym more…WHO KNOWS?
*If you have time, incorporate some yoga for mobility

Fun + Relationships

*Get married And do it without Pinterest Pressure
*Keep up with The Great Skincare Experiment and transition to 100% Natural Skincare
*Get professional photos taken with Garrett again
*Plan a weekend away with girlfriends
*Read 50 books
*Do another year of Project Life It’s so damn easy.
*Write one hand written note per month Birthday cards, Thank You Notes, Letters to Say Hello. Just do it.
*See a city with Garrett that is new to both of us!
*Document your outfits more in an effort to dress better at work
*Stop bringing/prepping so much food at parties Garrett suggested this one. Ha! So it’s on the list.
*Take a Butchering class
*Update home decor If you feel like it and have time

Professional + Blogging Goals

*Do more public speaking I really love doing this. Do you hear me, Universe?
*Write a cookbook I am proud of Garrett + I are having fun doing this right now. But how big of a priority this will be for 2013 remains to be seen.
*Post 52 new recipes to the blog I posted 21 new recipes last year, so this year I need to step up my game! :)
*Redesign website I’m all ears for suggestions on this. Do you know someone who does stellar work? Talk to me.
*Start a sponsorship/advertising program that builds community The business of blogging is a touchy subject. I want to figure out a way to have ads on this blog that are HELPFUL, not just profitable. Like what if it was awesome information people actually wanted. This challenge appeals to the connector in me.
*Meet more blog readers/bloggers I met A LOT of fellow bloggers this year and man, that is so FUN to share a totally awesome hobby. More, please.
*Be a better blog commenter Every single comment I receive on this blog literally makes my day. So I want to remember that when I’m reading something and think to myself “Oh, what I have to say doesn’t matter. I don’t need to comment.”


And the thing I want to keep in mind all year long:

Its ok to be happy with a calm life

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