Fun Things To Read On A Friday


This image makes me happy. Other things making me happy: my ten day vacation that starts today, my dog’s cute face and the fact that I am no longer sick! HOLLA! Being sick sucks and I am happy to close that chapter this week. Shall we move right along and talk about some fun links? Well okay then, I aim to please:

*I’m so excited that so many of you are going to do the Whole 30 with us in January. Hooray for support! The thing that helped me the most the last time around was being OVER-PREPARED. But don’t feel like you have to spend y30 days standing at the stove. Yes, you will be cooking a lot, but if you think about your strategy beforehand you can do it pretty efficiently. Check out this awesome video from The Kitchn on How To Cook A Week’s Worth of Vegetables in One Afternoon. While I definitely eat WAY more veggies than that in a week, I love the sentiment and calm behind it. PS How gorgeous is that kitchen? PPS Extra inspiration available if you read about Melissa’s 60 Minute Cooking WOD.

*We are just about 10 days out from 2013 and goals are certainly on my mind. I loved this very real perspective about goal setting. Lots of good points in both the actual post and Danielle LaPorte’s post which he mentions.

*By far the FUNNIEST thing I read all week: 101 Amazing Things Women Said On Twitter This Year.

*My library queue is now full to the brim with some of your great book suggestions the other day. Coming to a bookshelf near me soon is: The History of Love, The Gargoyle, Bond Girl, How to Be A Woman, The Night Circus and Still Alice. Thanks you all!

*Next year I’m determined to build an awesome PROFESSIONAL capsule wardrobe. When it comes to specific events and casual clothes I think I have it pretty nailed down. But I want to have more fun with my work wardrobe and still remain appropriate in my somewhat conservative office. I’ve been browsing lots of fun wardrobe checklists for inspiration.

Lastly, a few quick links about some of the less fun, more newsworthy events being talked about online:

*Oh Instagram! You caused quite a stir this week, didn’t you? I have no idea whether I’m going to keep my account or not, but if you are dying to opt out here’s a helpful tutorial on How To Download Your Instagram Photos and Kill Your Account.

*Regarding the tragedy in Newtown, CT I have been purposefully quiet, and it is mostly because I think there are enough eloquent voices out there expressing the sadness that people are feeling. But I am trying not to focus on the sadness. These words in Maggie’s post actually were comforting.

A single man can’t cause us to despair of humanity when we consider the dozens of teachers who put their lives between him and our children, the hundreds of responders who rushed to find him, and the millions like them β€” ordinary people with the capacity for great good.

And Sarah had some great advice on how to stay optimistic during tough times. It’s a great perspective that applies not only to great tragedies, but everyday life.



We have to seek out the good in order to see it. I wish you all a weekend overflowing with the good!

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6 Responses to Fun Things To Read On A Friday

  1. sizzle says:

    I loved Night Circus. Seems people love it or hate it. Hope you love it! And History of Love. πŸ™‚

  2. Megan W says:

    Dying over the tweets! And now I have some new funny ladies to follow!

  3. bethanyrx says:

    The tweets are cracking me up (awkwardly, at work… of course). πŸ˜‰

    Also, it’s a shame that I had to google at least three different times to catch up on IMPORTANT CELEB GOSSIP as a result of reading said tweets! Such a failure at life…


  4. Rhonda H says:

    Love that quote — sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses!

    I am eager to keep up with your blog during the Whole30 in January. My husband won’t be doing it with me (although he is around half Paleo not, he is a difficult convert but I am just letting him find it on his own) — so it is always fun to read how people who ARE doing it together manage it. This will be my first Whole30 so I am reading everything around on how to prepare — and that brings me to a question I have for you: You said if anything you OVER prepared for your first W30. What do you mean over prepared? I am not really sure how much more prep I might need for this than for “normal” Paleo (although like you, I do enjoy my cheese and will miss yogurt/kefir)?
    Thanks Rhonda (also in Sac)

    • Holly says:

      Well I think I just overprepared in the sense that I micromanaged our food supply. But I sort of did that just to alleviate the fear I had about getting fed up with what we had to eat and then quitting. I just DID. NOT. WANT. To quit. The truth is though, in some ways that overpreparation was exactly what helped me NOT quit, so I don’t regret it at all.

      I think the most important prep (if you are already Paleo, that is) is mental. Because this challenge is definitely tough, and I was tempted halfway through it to just quit because heck, “I already ate really clean when I was just sticking to Paleo. Why did I have to FOLLOW ALL THESE RULES? You know?” So I would say expect some of that. And just keep your reasons close for wanting to complete it. Because it is TOTALLY worth it to do it for 30 days. So SO worth it. Even though it’s tough at times. Good luck!

  5. Rhonda H. says:

    Thanks Holly!
    I am — rather WAS — really good about Paleo for a year or so then somehow this last Fall I let a lot of stress put me back into eating all the wrong things again. And once I started it was hard to stop the sugar and breadstuffs spiral. So… I decided to rein myself in with the Whole 30 which would hopefully kick start me back to keeping it Paleo again.

    I totally get the micromanagement part — I am like that too but I think if I don’t overplan for something like this I will just as easily lapse. Especially with my husband not really participating, there is still a lot of not good for me stuff in the pantry (although today we sorted it out and gave myself my own Paleo/Whole30 section and labeled his side Not Paleo). Guess whose side was larger LOL