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2012 Goals – How’d I Do?


This picture makes me laugh EVERY TIME I look at it, it is so ridiculous!

So. I made a lot of goals this year, just as I do every year. Some were stretch goals, some were easy goals, some I wrote down once and never even thought of again (ahem, my entire home improvement category!)

No matter whether I nailed them, or never even came close, I had so much fun reaching for the stars this year, and that’s why I will definitely be sharing my 2013 Goals this week. I think it’s fun to write down what you want. I think it’s fun to watch how those intentions change. I think it’s fun to see so many things checked off after a year of hard work.

For those of you who are interested, here is how my 2012 goals shook out. If I crossed them off, they got completed. If they are in italics, there may have been some progress. If I left them alone, they were probably a fail.


Plan a wedding/stay sane/pay cash
Get Married
Get Knocked Up 🙂
(These 3 will stay on the list, have no fear!)
Um…learn about being pregnant and all that… I did A LOT of research this year
Continue to keep a Hostess Journal
Write more Thank You Notes
Give more gifts
Be more curious, be less judgmental
Move closer towards your professional goals CHECK PLUS

Verdict: We consciously put a few of those personal goals on hold so I could pursue some of my professional goals and this year I had the kind of professional year (in my day job, and otherwise) that I couldn’t even have dreamed of when I made that list last year. I want to focus more on those family/nesting type goals in 2013 because 2012 was THE YEAR OF MY JOBS. And man could I just kiss Garrett on the mouth for all of his support in those endeavors.


Plan one fun outing per month (day trip/weekender/date night)
Have dinner with friends once per month (This was an epic FAIL)

Verdict: This was a tough relationship year and you know what, we TOTALLY got through it even more committed than ever. I’m proud of that. Now, we need to work on nurturing some of our other relationships too.



New Mexico – to visit Garrett’s parents (I’m checking this off bc Garrett got to go)
New Orleans – for The Blathering
Los Angeles – potentially if I do the AIDS Ride with my aunt
Sonoma Weekend – Jim and Gina’s wedding
The Midwest – because it’s been a while
Portland Oregon – potentially for the SCAA Annual Expo
Austin Texas – If Formula One can get their shit together
Maui – because the condo is free, even if plane tickets are not

Verdict: We did okay. This was a Dream List afterall.
Glarifees all around! #sonoma #drinkup


Cultivate a wardrobe that makes me happy Check! Too bad I have just about grown out of it after all those Christmas cookies. 🙂
Find a skincare routine that suits my stubborn face I made lots of progress
Buy a pair of investment jeans
Continue keeping an outfit list – sounds lame, SUPER HELPFUL I love doing this. I’m a nerd
Continue curating a visual style journal on Pinterest
Continue keeping a clothing wishlist in your purse to avoid unnecessary purchases

Verdict: I had fun this year with style. I didn’t take it too seriously, but I did make an effort at it. It’s fun. It makes me feel good. I’m going to continue it.


Come up with better banking systems Definitely better. Not “Best” just yet.
Add to Savings
Pay for wedding in cash Nope, but I did enough professional hustling that when the time comes, WE WILL. YES.

Verdict: 2012 was very good to me financially and for that I am so grateful.

Home Improvement

Paint Kitchen Cabinets
Replace Kitchen Counter
Add Tile Backsplash
Remove kitchen wallpaper
Hang Art in kitchen
Redo Office
Paint Master Bath
Redo Master Bedroom
Deal with Front Courtyard
Buy Patio Furniture
Install Alarm
Buy a shed
Plan and execute Spring/Summer/Fall gardens

Verdict: I’m not even putting Home Improvement goals on my list next year. If they get done, they will just be icing on the cake.


Unassisted pullup This one is rolling over.
Non girl pushups in WODs
Track WODs better
Hit Goal Weight BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH I got over that idea this year.
Toes to Bar
Run mile in under 10 minutes, regularly I did it once, so I’m checking that off.
5K in 30 minutes or less

Verdict: I think for about 3/4 of the year my fitness was on point. After the half marathon I was just kind of like “Yeah, I’ll do that later.” I don’t like my life without regular fitness goals in it, so 2013 will surely have some of those!

100 kb snatches (each arm) + 100 burpees + 100 degree weather = HOT MESS!


Continue posting weekly meal plans
I did it until it got boring. Then I stopped.
Cook with more greens
Cook with more game FAIL
Get regular about fish oil supplementation FCLO is where it’s at!
Find Garrett better PWO options

Verdict: Similar to fitness, 3/4 of the year ruled. I am firmly entrenched in this Paleo lifestyle so much so that it is just second nature. I’m having fun fine tuning exactly how I need to tweak it to work for me and my life/performance goals.
Taco Salad using a new vinaigrette


Complete Project Life Album
Complete Personal Albums for me and G
Vacation Minibooks
Week in the Life Album

Verdict: I enjoyed it so much this year that I will do Project Life again next year, but beyond that I document enough here. No need to add extra pressure.


Post 52 recipes
Redesign site so it is more useful
Stick to editorial calendar more regularly
Write a Free Paleo E Book so you don’t have to keep sending the same email over and over again when friends ask 🙂
Share your inspiration with others


Read 50 books – I read 40. We’re all good.
Write 26 individual book reviews
Continue with Monthly reading recaps
Include Garrett’s book reviews on the blog – he wrote one. And then he was like “Uh, blogging is hard.” 🙂
Participate in BlogHer Book Club
Succeed with The Bookshelf Project I made progress. So it’s all good.

Verdict: Books! I love you. I will continue to read you! And talk about you here because I am nerdy.


I’m ready to close this chapter, so I’m off to put on my sweat pants and fire up my netflix to ring in the New Year!

The Weekend + The Countdown + The Before Photos

This was such a great weekend to end the New Year, can I tell you? Mucho relaxing as we basically continued out trend of being completely ridiculous homebodies. We watched a lot of Homeland, tried to sleep late (Buster isn’t that into us sleeping late since he is used to getting breakfast at 6am, but we TRIED) and also read a ton in the bathtub. Well, *I* read in the bathtub — to be clear. 🙂 Garrett mostly shot zombies on the computer while I was doing that, which was just fine by me.

We ventured out for a walk in the park on Saturday with the dog and once again his mind was mostly blown. He enjoys all walks, but this one particular park that we take him to just always makes him so happy!


It was just one of those days where everywhere I looked it seemed like everything was just so beautiful. I know that sounds cheesy, but it doesn’t make it any less true. It was crispy and wintery and despite there being more leaves on the ground than in the trees everything was green, the park was buzzing and I was just happy to out in the world hanging with my two favorite dudes.

Sunday, I woke up completely determined to RIGHT THIS SHIP, as it were. It’s been a fun season of indulgences but I’m ready to get back to healthy habits, a more active lifestyle and just a general fresh start. I headed out in the morning and took a 3 mile run with my friend Heather (who rocks for dragging my ass outside!) I was NOT happy about it (also, please ignore the bad hair, but please note: Mama Elsa Face) but when I finished I felt amazing. I love that post-run feeling and need to get back to a place in my life where I look forward to it more than I dread lacing up my sneakers.
Obviously the biggest thing that affects how I feel is the food I put into my body, so I can’t tell you how excited I feel about the Whole 30 is right around the corner (STARTING WEDNESDAY. YESSSS!) I made a loose meal plan for the week (which I’ll share tomorrow) and then did my grocery shopping to get ready. I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday but I think it is worth reposting.
This is totally my inner-crotchety-old-lady coming out, but I captioned it: Can we all agree to stop saying that (Paleo and) the Whole 30 is SO MUCH meat? Because really, to be frank, IT’S A SHIT TON OF VEGETABLES. That is the truth. And while I understand that it can be a major transition to rid your diet of grains, etc – I am sort of getting tired of people talking about ALL OF THE MEAT. Yes, your protein sources will come from animals (unless you’re a vegetarian, this is no change whatsoever from this Standard American Diet we all leave behind.) But if you are doing it right, it is a variety of protein sources: eggs, fish, shellfish, pork, chicken, beef, lamb… and the rest of your plate is delicious, nutritious vegetables. Man, sometimes I would like to tattoo that on my forehead. Sorry I got a little nutty there for a second. Oh wait, one more last little peeve and then I’m done: VEGETABLES ARE CARBOHYDRATES, PEOPLE. So check out that table FULL OF CARBS and get excited. 🙂 Ok, end rant. Holy shit, that’s why I never let my Food Ranting Old Lady out. She’s no fun.

Anyway, ranting aside I prepped tons of vegetables, cooked up some protein sources and then went to call it a night.

But instead of leaving well enough alone I then thought to myself “Hey Self, you should post some before pictures.” And just the very thought of that made me want to throw myself off of a cliff, but I did it anyway because back fat needs to be documented. No wait, that’s not right. I did it because I’ve always said that taking photos is a really helpful indicator of body changes, so I am rationalizing showing you these by telling myself that the After Photos will be worth it.


I do NOT feel happy about these, but I’m willing to keep it real for you all. If you end up posting before pics too, link me PLEASE. Pretty PLEASE.

Anyway, here’s to rolling the dice and better After Photos and sugar free meals filled with green things and out door activity. 2013 is going to start with a bang, folks! I’m so glad you will be here to join me!


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