January Whole 30? LET’S DO THIS

Garrett and I are doing another Whole 30 in January. If we are being totally honest here, my body is kind of begging for it with all of the peppermint and chocolate covered breakfast I have been eating lately. I’d probably dive right in to a Holiday Whole 30 except I totally concur that it’s a terrible idea.

The thing about sugar + booze (and even excessive gluten for me to a degree) is that it just absolutely wreaks havoc on my life. Sure it tastes good for a bit (hell, in some cases ahem Nutella ahem it tastes AMAZING) but the consequences go so much further than just a sugar crash or a Sunday morning hangover. It just seeps its way into so many aspects of my life.

I have been enjoying some delicious treats lately, but I am also not sleeping as well, drinking more coffee than I should to get through the day, lacking energy to work out regularly, I’ve been laid up on my couch sick for two days and I have zero energy or desire to cook. This is not who I am. But this is most certainly who I am on sugar, booze and gluten. It’s all a by product of my holiday indulging and though I went into it with open eyes and don’t necessarily regret it, that doesn’t mean it is without consequences. And I’m ready to pay the piper so I can get back to being the version of myself that I love: happy, healthy, fit, energized and motivated. Because seriously? This ass-shaped dent in my couch really doesn’t go with my living room decor.

So Garrett and are I gearing up to have another awesome month of crystal clean eating. It’s going to be a super good time and I really can’t wait, because as I said on Day 21 of our first Whole 30:

…now I know that I am only 30 days away from inspiration. 21 days, even at the most. From feeling like my best self. And I can do all that without to much grumbling really. And knowing that, has given me confidence and a security blanket that I didn’t even know I needed.

Just reading that makes me remember how awesome that felt. And right now, I am feeling many things but awesome is not one of them. :) So I wanted to see who is out there that might be interested joining me. Are you already planning on participating in the January Whole 30? Are you thinking about it? Are you on the fence?

Let’s do it together!

It will be fun. And in just 30 days, we will be seriously ready to kick off 2013 in the best way ever.

If you have any questions or concerns about it, or you are still teetering on the fence, let me convince you. Leave your questions in the comments, or if you are doing it let me know. We can all keep each other accountable. We can blog our awesome recipe finds. We can share in our successes and our struggles. It’s going to feel fantastic — well, uh after that initial WAIT WHERE IS MY SUGAR feeling wears off. hehe. And heck, it’s only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days right? Need some more convincing? Here are a few of my favorite reads.

Resources – Motivation:

*10 Tips to Make Your Whole 30 A Success
*Whole 30 as a vegetarian? — Kathleen did the Whole 30 even though she doesn’t eat meat and has great meal plans and inspiration and a few recipes to boot!
*Why 100% Commitment is Important

Resources – Food:

*A Month of Whole 30 Dinner Ideas
*A Month of Whole 30 Freezer Meals
*Well Fed – The BEST Whole 30 approved cookbook around. Full of deliciousness!
*My Whole 30 Pinterest Board – It is slim pickins right now but I will be adding some awesome inspiration in the next week so stay tuned!


So what do ya say? Have I convinced you to join me? Take the plunge.

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