Saturday Snapshots

Thanks for all the input on my hair you all. I took the plunge and chopped most of it off.

Saying goodbye to hair that goes below my shoulders

I really love it! But I don’t think this picture communicates how short it actually is. I was blowing it dry this morning and realized that the majority of the hair on the back of my head is about an inch long.
One inch! OMG. Baby steps to super short hair, I tell ya. One of these days I’ll get there.  I’m not sure if it was a great time of year to cut off all of my hair because yesterday my neck was freezing! I guess this means I have complete license to buy myself a whole new scarf wardrobe, right?

It has been SO DANG COLD at night lately, but the payoff has been absolutely gorgeous skies. I know it is cliche to post pictures of the sky on instagram but I CAN’T STOP MYSELF. How beautiful is that?

That’s my view when I’m washing dishes. You’d think the view would make me more interested in doing dishes, but you’d think wrong. :)

Apropos of absolutely nothing, can we talk about the major argument that’s been going on at our house lately? It is whether or not Buster should be allowed on the couch. He is SO TINY (30 lbs) that I think he should tooooootally be able to indulge in his lap dog fantasies, but Garrett feels like the dog should remain off the furniture. I started making fun of him and telling him that he was an old crotchety man, but then guess what I came home to the other day?



Garrett is such an undercover softy with a crotchety old man exterior. Now that we agree that the dog can be on the couch, Buster just hops up there whenever he sees fit.

The other day I snapped this pic because he looked like he was auditioning for doggie glamour shots with the very delicate head tilt against the couch.
That doesn’t even look comfortable! But he stayed like that for almost an hour. Crazy dog!

Anyway, new hair, pretty skies and zany dog behavior. That’s about the pace of my life this weekend and you will hear no complaints! We’ve been laying low and catching up on Season 1 of Girls which is living up the hype so far. Are you watching it? Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!

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