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It’s That Time Again: Choose My Haircut

We have very important superficial things to discuss today people. Namely, my hair. AND HOW IT MUST BE CUT.

If you remember, the last time we had this discussion was in May of this year, so it is HIGH TIME for a haircut. I’m pretty sure normal people do not go 7 months without getting their mops chopped, but I’ve never been one to be normal.

Here is the current lowdown on my hair. It’s longer than usual and sort of blah. This pic is from right after Thanksgiving:
Well, at least my scarf still feels pretty loose.   #ootd

This is also the picture that made me fantasize about Juvederm or other injectible things POURED INTO THE WRINKLES IN MY FACE OMG. But that is another blog post altogether.

Anyway, back to the hair. It’s not horrible, it’s just currently in that unruly state where it takes A LOT of work to get it to look only ok. And I prefer to have hair that is fun instead of just hair that is constantly pulled back into a ponytail. Though I am a sucker for ponytails with bangs, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.

I like hair that actually has a style. It’s okay if it take a lot of styling products and a hair dryer and looks fabulous, but I’m not that into hair that requires multiple tools and a prayer just to look “decent.” In my vast 34 years of mop chopping experience there are two things I do with my hair that fit those requirements.

A. Bangs


I like bangs. Blunt Bangs. Choppy Bangs. Swoopy Bangs. They’re just fun! But yes, they do become annoying after a while and then one must grow them out. First world problems and all that. But I do love a good ponytail with bangs, which might be a nice way to not cut off a lot of length, but still have a fun hairdo that is more functional. I just said hairdo. Do people under 80 still say hairdo?

For your reference: Me with bangs (Please ignore Garrett’s caveman beard. I don’t know what was up with that.)

B. Shorter Hair


Shorter hair is fun and sassy. It looks good straight, lends itself well to curling and always looks like it was cut to be in that particular style. But it can be a pain for workouts, and I haven’t learned how to expand my short hair repertoire beyond A-line bob. I’m up for suggestions.

For your reference: Me with my most recent shorter hair (Man, that photo makes me miss summer and sunshine.)

So. here we sit, two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Take a vote and let me know what you think.

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