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Fun Things to Read on Friday

Sound advice, I say.

Happy Friday!

I’m off of work today but my To Do List is about a mile long anyway. It must be the holidays! This weekend is going to be full of family dinners, anniversary celebrations, going away parties for friends, and picking up Garrett’s mom at the airport for her first visit out here in almost 4 years! Cooking and cleaning, COMMENCE!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and while you coast into it, here are some fun things from around the internet.

  • I need a serious haircut so I have been pinning like a mad woman to my All Things Hair pinboard. I wish I had the cajones to do this.

  • Liz Wolfe always shares insightful things, but I especially loved her post on 4 Habits of Most Triumphant Clients (and people.) Plus she gets a gold star for the Bill & Ted reference. I think habits #1 and #3 are especially good ones to focus on during the holidays. If you can do just those two things, the holidays will be a win.
  • Thanksgiving is going to involve A LOT of cooking. OHMAHGAWD. I think for my sanity the meals I cook the few days before will have to be super simple. For me, that usually means many MANY salads. Do you salt your lettuce? Well I do now after reading 10 Tricks to Make the Lazy Cook’s Food Taste Better.
  • We have wood cabinets and white countertops. Why doesn’t my kitchen look like any of these? Maybe in 2013 we will work on that.
  • Considering running a race next year? Check out Fit Sugar’s How to Train for a Race. Lots of awesome links to a multitude of training plans for 5ks, 10ks, Half Marathons, Martahons and Sprint Tris.

Any links to share? Awesome Thanksgiving recipes you can’t wait to make? Inspiration for getting through the holidays without pulling out your hair? I am all ears…

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