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An update on Sir Buster-Boo

Well, we have now had Buster for about 2 and a half months, and is it weird if I tell you I can’t really imagine him ever not being here? That’s a strange feeling, you all, especially because Garrett and I have lived together for 4 years without a dog, and this whole evolution from “squeaky clean house” to “every surface possible covered in dog hair” has definitely been dramatic.


But we super duper love him, and now we just ALSO super duper love for bi-weekly swiffer-fests and hard core vacuum episodes and I’ve even been fantasizing about purchasing a steam mop. WHO AM I? It’s amazing how things change.


Wow, just re-reading that made me feel like I should be buying Buster a precious white onesie and a “2 months old” sticker and doing a photo shoot with him sitting on our Ikea-knock-off wannabe Herman Miller furniture. (And then of course posting the pictures to Pinterest.) But I won’t do that, I promise. I also solemnly swear to never call him my “Fur-kid” even if that is totally how I treat him. Last week I bought him a jacket. I mean, HE WEARS A FREAKING FUR COAT ALREADY, but you guys it’s been really chilly around here! And besides there isn’t much cuter than a dog in a jacket. (Or quilted down vest, as it were.)

Tough competition though is a dog standing next to a fire hydrant. We took him to a park across town the other day just for a change of scenery and I’m pretty sure I have now witnessed a dog’s mind being blown. Between the squirrels and the people and the other dogs and an actual dog park where he could run around to his little heart’s content — well, let’s just say he slept good that night.
Dog's Best Friend

He is also learning new skills, which has been fun to watch. When he showed up, if you remember (and I don’t expect that you do) he couldn’t fetch. He just…wasn’t interested in toys at all. I don’t really think he understood “toys.” He still doesn’t quiiiiiite get the whole idea of fetching, although he is making TONS of progress; however, now he TOTALLY gets how crazy fun his toys are and sometimes gets so focused we can hardly talk him into having a doggie photo shoot.


Anyway, all of this to say — since I don’t have a kid I’m now becoming a crazy person who writes about her dog! Doggie-blogger! ha! But you know, I think I will wear that hat proudly because the laughs and the fun times that he has brought into our lives in the last two months have been awesome. Like the other night when he realized that if he barrels around the corner with a running start, he can get enough air to dive ONTO OUR BED OMG!!!!


I want to tell you we disciplined him, but we were laughing too hysterically at his creativity. Luckily I think when he got up there he had no idea what to do (or even how to stand up) which freaked him out a bit and he hasn’t done it since. This strategy will surely be the chink in our parenting armor, but whatever. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

He’s a good boy this Honey Boo Boo/Buster/Buster-Boo/HBB little dog. Always offering a kiss and a snuggle, and of course if you would like to share your cookie with him, he will clear his busy schedule for that too.

Come on...just one bite.

What a guy. 🙂

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