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Coffee Talk


Despite wholeheartedly agreeing with this post on Robb Wolf’s site this morning — which in some ways says, HEY! Make sure the act of goal setting helps you actually focus on what’s important, rather than focusing on the idea of achieving the goal (which HELLO can cause stress) — I am still doing some day-dreaming about what I want to accomplish in 2013.

It’s a sickness I have (you’re all well aware of this if you have been around here any length of time) and while I definitely sometimes struggle with focusing on achievement and bottom line instead of what’s actually important, there is a part of me that really loves the big picture planning part of setting some annual intentions.

(Worth noting: I am not actually setting any goals or making lists or being a complete loon about it…I’m just marinating, which I actually kind of love to do.)

The point of bringing all of this up though is that I thought some of you might be marinating too. Maybe you don’t even realize it, between the holiday hullabaloo and everyday life and normal commitments, but maybe just maybe, you have some goals or thoughts or wishes or dreams sitting in the back of your head that you would like see happen in 2013 too. In the spirit of friends helping friends, I thought I’d suggest some virtual coffee talk.

(mmmm…coffee. I’m not doing SUPER well on the coffee moderation by the way, but that’s probably a whole other post. ha!)

Anyway, while I would not call myself an expert on much — being stubborn, bossy and consistently talking at a volume that is inappropriate come to mind instantly — I do have lots of thoughts in my head, and a complete lack of shame at sharing my own opinions.

(Who even invited her? All she does is talk!)

So I thought I would offer this up for those of you who are interested: Between now and the end of the year, if you have a question, concern or situation that you would like me to weigh in on (Maybe something that will help you plan or crush some of your 2013 goals, maybe something you are just curious about, maybe a topic I have written about here but that you would like a follow up on or more details) let me know. You can either leave it in the comments, or if it is more personal and long winded, feel free to shoot me an email {{ hawoodcock at gmail dot com }} I will try and have my responses show up in a blog post near you, and hey if we have enough questions maybe we will make it a regular feature. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because what if nobody has any questions. THAT WOULD BE EMBARRASSING. HEH.

In case you would like a place to start, here are some of the things that I feel pretty confident giving endless opinons about:

*Strategies for Going Paleo
*Talking About CrossFit
*Harnessing Motivation
*Time Management
*Getting Creative Goals Off The Ground
*Setting Goals in General
*Losing Weight

But as I mentioned above, feel free to hit me up about anything. Consider me your own personal Internet Dear Abby. I’m always interested in what readers want to hear more about and I’m definitely game to share my thoughts if you think they would help you out in a particular instance.

So talk to me folks. What is on your mind. Let’s have a cup of coffee and chat, shall we?

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