Fall Bucket List – 2012

We’re already a few weeks into fall and I’ve been sort of lazy about compiling my bucket list. I think indicates I need a mellow one this year, because we all know I can’t NOT make a list. It’s a sickness.

I sat down and looked at my calendar and really thought about my limited time outside of work and where I could put my energy to make me feel happy and fulfilled this season. Here is what I came up with. I apologize in advance for the lack of typically seasonal pumpkin + apple business, but there’s always Pinterest for that. 🙂

At Home

*Plant a Fall Garden
*Host Book Club Dinner Again
*Read 5 books
*Send Christmas Cards
*Find a Seasonal Soap for the Guest Bathroom
*Buy New Sheets for the Master Bedroom

In The Kitchen

*Blog a New Soup Recipe
*Cookbook Recipe Testing
*Contribute something AWESOME to Thanksgiving dinner


*Finish First Half Marathon
*Enjoy an epic brunch afterward (what?)
*Beat last year’s 5k Time


*Experiment with Colored Tights (eep! This scares me)
*Buy something Leather-ish (Purse! Jacket! Skirt! And by Leather, you know I mean “leather” right?)

With Family

*Have a Family Potluck at my mom’s house
*Send Christmas Cards
*Hang out with my Aunt + Uncle since they live SO CLOSE now!
*Cook some delicious food for my cousin who is having her second baby in December


A few manageable items that I can definitely see myself doing. (I mean, especially brunch! Right?) 🙂 Do you make a bucket list this time of year? If so, share a link to it or tell me a few things on it!

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4 Responses to Fall Bucket List – 2012

  1. Beth says:

    Looks like we were on the same wave length for fall – the calendar already looks full and the season is already in swing. I went for a managable list, so we’ll see how it goes. Kicking myself now for not adding Christmas cards. I know I’ll send them, but now I can’t cross them off the list!

    Happy (belated) birthday!

    • Holly says:

      HA! I put it on there ever year and I would say I do it maybe 25% of the time. Such a simple task…AND YET… 🙂

  2. I tried colored tights last year and I got so many compliments. Granted, I went with blue, which is close to black, but I would definitely try it again this year with something more exciting. Purple?

  3. Laura Uschyk says:

    I saw your aunt and uncle,and Jenny this past weekend. It was great seeing them. I’m sure you are happy to have them close.