These Are My Confessions – Volume Four

In the sea of “I’m so blessed” Facebook Updates, aspirational healthy living/organizational/design/cooking/food blogs, and food-styled Instagram photos out there, there is no shortage of fodder to make you feel like you should be doing more, dressing better, and generally being more fabulous. While I’m definitely huge proponent for trying to live your best life, I also think it’s nice to keep it real around here too! So here are some confessions for ya:

1. OOTDs In Real Life

While I think it is super fun to document Outfits of the Day on Instagram during the week

I rarely document them on the weekends because every possible waking hour I can spend in an outfit equivalent to THIS feels like a win!

Here, let me breakdown this fine fashion – American River CrossFit hoodie // Hot Pink Mossimo Tank Top // Lululemon Still Pants covered in dog hair.

2. The Kitchen — In Real Life

Last Friday I mentioned that Garrett, Buster + I were having a dance party in my kitchen. (Buster is a very accomplished ballroom dancer, didn’t you know?) An overwhelming amount of people mentioned my crazy-clean kitchen counter tops.
That, my friends, was just a coincidence. Remember, I cook A LOT. Most of the time I am fighting an uphill battle against this:


And the closest thing we have to a dishwasher is Garrett.

3. Paleo Perfection — except in the garage!

So I’ve let you walk through what’s in my pantry before:

And I’m pretty open about what my fridge looks like:
Inside Fridge

I’m just a real Paleo Angel, eh? But wait until you see the shelf in my garage of things I just can’t let go:
Rye Chips! Wheat Flour! And Cereal???? OH MY. What gives? I’m glad you asked. It’s football season, and I’ve been known to make a damn good Chex Mix. Sometimes you just gotta off-road! And the flour? Well, I guess it’s just my food-hoarding tendency. I haven’t used it in forever but something about chucking it just feels wasteful. So now it just lives in my garage not being used. Waste of SPACE, let me tell you. The rice is for the dog!

No house is perfect.

4. My Workout Clothes Smell Like FUNK

Will you still be my friend?


I’ve washed and then dried all of my workout clothes. Apparently this is problematic (especially the drying part.) Most of these are fairly new and they still kind of smell like gym floor. It is so super duper nasty and I am on the hunt for a solution that will work for my high efficiency washer (Do you have one? Weigh in!) Manda said hang drying cures the stink, so I’m trying that. If that doesn’t work, I’m getting some Sport Wash.

Regardless, um…GROSS. It really *is* time for some new duds.

5. I am an Organizational Jekyll + Hyde

(or Heckyll + Jyde if you are Teresa Guidice, but that is neither here nor there.)

Some of my bathroom cabinets are very pleasingly organized. We have talked about this before, I like me some organized drawers.

But others, just continue to be FULL O’ CRAP (neatly stacked upon other crap.)

The thing is: one only has so much time to care. And right now, I just can’t get to jazzed up about whether or not my stash of Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soaps are organized pleasingly by season.


6. My Suitcase From Colorado Is Only *Technically* Unpacked


I’m not a total heathen, I’ve taken the clothing out of the suitcase. I just, uh…haven’t actually put it away and it is all sitting on the guest bedroom bed. Whoops.

This is real life, folks!

So tell me…anything you would like to confess?

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