Birthday Weekend Bullets

I turned 34 yesterday and seriously, without an ounce of hyperbole, I had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! It was just full of so many awesome, simple things! Wanna hear about ’em? Here it goes:

1. On Friday my coworkers decorated my desk. They are very cute! If one has to have a cubicle and a corporate office job it sure is nice to do it with a fun team.


2. They also made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for the occasion. OMG, no photos because they somehow practically all jumped right in my belly. No self control.

3. Friday morning I sort of cheated and bought myself an Americano. It was decaf though, so not a total deviation. But man, was it ever good! I don’t think I can go without coffee forever, but caffeine, perhaps. That beverage HIT THE SPOT.

4. Lots of work got done that day, obviously.

5. Friday night I hosted a really cool dance party in our kitchen. Of course the only attendees were Garrett and Buster, but I think it’s because we put out the invitations too late. Next time we’ll do it earlier. :)

6. Saturday morning I met up with Sarah so we could run 8 miles. Before the run I thought to myself “Maybe we can just bust out 10 miles today.” During the run I thought to myself “WHEN WILL THIS 8 MILES BE OOOOOOOOOOOOOVER?” It was not our best run. I must have had some psychic feelings while getting dressed.

7. I asked Buster if he wanted to come running with us and he gave me his WATCHOO TALKIN’ ‘BOUT WILLIS? face. He makes that face a lot when I suggest he run around instead of sleeping. I know the vet said he was only 5, but I think he may be a teenager.
You're going for a run right now? AW HEEEELLL NAW! I'll just be right here sleeping 'til you get back.

8. When I got home, Garrett told me to shower and dress for cool fall weather, so I did. Then we hopped in the car and he took me to our mystery celebration location.

9. It ended up being Apple Hill, which is a local cooperative of over 50 farms, ranches and wineries that is quite the autumnal destination around these parts. Think pumpkin patches, face painting, pony rides, and wine.

10. Oh yes, wine.

11. We belong to the wine clubs at a couple of our favorite local wineries and it was that semi-annual time to pick them up. We also had to stop and have a few tastes!

12. Garrett packed a picnic, so after a bit of tasting we headed out to enjoy the gorgeous weather! It was about 65 degrees and super crisp out. Perfect fall weather, which was a nice change from the crazy high temperatures we’ve been experiencing so far this season.

13. We continued to wine taste until I was right on the cusp of having a little too much to drink. The indicator for me is not that I feel drunk so much, it’s that I start finding humor in kitschy signs like this and suggesting we buy one:
That’s when the bartender knows it’s time to cut me off :)

14. We made one more stop at Grace Patriot (my new favorite out in Apple Hill — if you are local, check it out!) to relax and enjoy the scenery, and then we headed home.

15. Will you judge me if I tell you we ate ice cream for dinner?
(Ok, good. Thanks!)

16. Sunday I got up early (because I’m a nutty morning person) and started a fairly epic marathon of Revenge. I’m so glad to be watching that show again. The end of every episode always makes you gasp! Good TV.

17. We ran to Costco that morning too. Not for your run of the mill grocery shopping, but to pick up some steaks for my birthday dinner…that Garrett was cooking. SCORE! No one wants to make themselves dinner on their birthday, right?

18. But we ended up also picking up a dog bed that we are going to use for Buster outside. He has an inside one, but as the temperatures drop we figured he needed an outside one too. He was somewhat suspicious of it when we brought it home so we figured we’d let him get used to it indoors. I think he thought we were nuts for putting him on it.

19. But about an hour later, he had found it quite to his liking.

20. The rest of the day involved mucho relaxing and television watching in my PJs. The BEST kind of Sunday!

I really didn’t want it to end, but today it’s back to the grindstone a year older, wiser and more mature. (HA!) I’m looking forward to getting back to our normal pace of life this week, so despite the fact that this weekend was amazing, I’m sort of embracing Monday. (Embracing The Suck? Hmmm…) We’ve been in an irregular workout habit for a bit, doing some ice cream eating for dinner, and doing a lot more socializing as of late, so today marks the first time in a few weeks that life is just business as usual. I’m kind of excited about it! Lots of excess always makes me crave routine. Getting back to it may just be the birthday present I give to myself!

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