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By now I should have posted a September Book Update, but guess what?

I only read one book. And I already wrote about it so no need to beat a dead horse.

Loserville – Population: 1.

But. BUT! I am currently reading a very fun book: Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn. Have you read this? It is so much better than it’s cover. The cover is not AT ALL how I am imagining everything. I hate when that happens.

Anyway, it is taking me so long to read because I am doing that thing where I am only making time to read right when I get into bed at night, and that is never a productive idea to begin with because I have a special quasi-narcoleptic talent of being able to fall sleep basically the second my head even comes into the same room as my pillow. And as I mentioned yesterday, stopping caffeine isn’t exactly doing me any favors. I guess what I’m saying is I’m reading it about 5 pages at a time, but holy hell each night those 5 pages are so enjoyable!

It’s a bit of a satire about motherhood, celebrity and wealth in Park Slope, which I’m always sort of curious about because I read too much US Weekly. Here’s a thought, maybe I should put down the US Weekly and then I’d get more reading done, eh? That’s probably not going to happen. But anyway — Park Slope is sort of fascinating to me in the way that Los Angeles was fascinating to me as a Northern Californian when I lived there. And so is Amy Sohn. She’s one of those people I always catch myself reading about and thinking “Hmmm…I should check out one of her books.” So I finally did after reading this crazy piece on The Awl this summer.


Crazy article aside, so far this book is just the fun, trashy little novel that I think I need to get my reading groove back. that and (next up) the new Jonathan Tropper and I think I’ll be good to go!

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