On Caffeine (or lack thereof), Clarisonics + Cool Things

What can I tell you, I have a lot of things to chat about and no nice way to weave them all together. I’m still not drinking coffee, remember? I’m not convinced my brain is functioning at 100%.
My cup does not runneth over. Unless you count herbal tea. AND HERBAL TEA DOESN’T COUNT.

So. No caffeine. Wanna know how that is going? LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT WITH ALL OF MY EXTRA ENERGY…ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz. Actually all kidding aside, I am very happy to be doing it, because it is clear that I have been super dependent on caffeine. I’ve been bitching month over month here on this site about how hard it is for me to get 8-9 hours of sleep per night even though I knew that would be more ideal. Well guess what? Take away my coffee (even though I was only drinking it until noon) and now I’m sleeping like a baby! I’m also feeling a lot more rested in the morning, which is (not really that) surprising. It took 3 or 4 days to get there (and those mornings? Well, let us not speak of those mornings) but now that I’m here, I like it.

I have been drinking a ridiculous amount of herbal tea, but hey guess what is in herbal tea? Water. Aaaaaaaand it is water that doesn’t dehydrate you the way coffee does! Win! So I have been feeling exceptionally hydrated lately which has been different. Rather than get out of bed, go straight to the coffee pot and drink only caffeinated beverages until noon, and then panic about hydration and drink a metric ton of water until I work out — instead I’ve been coasting along feeling fabulous and hydrated all day. Well the fabulous part goes until I get sleepy. Decaffeinated Life would be so great if I could just sleep 9 hours per night and take a mid day nap. HA!

In the end though, all of these things are good things. Of course they are all also terrible things because I was hoping to quit coffee and see absolutely no positive effects so that I could just go back to drinking it whenever I wanted. But it seems that will not be the case. Groan! Not sure what I will do when the month is over, but I definitely can’t go back. I guess I will wait to see what my skin has to say since that was the point of this whole crazytown charade.


Speaking of skin, I’ve been using the Clarisonic for about two weeks now (only for one minute per day, as directed, with the sensitive skin brush), so while I am not ready to completely formulate my opinion, I do have some thoughts and they are as follows:

I bit the bullet.

1. My life has not changed at all. Internet, you lied.
2. The parts of my skin that looked pretty good (cheeks, forehead, etc) definitely look better. I will definitely agree to this “glowy” thing that everyone keeps talking about.
3. BUT…the parts of my skin that looked bad? Well, they still look bad.
4. Also, my face does not “feel cleaner.” I am a person who suffers from adult acne. I was definitely already cleaning my face pretty damn well. The Clarisonic does not give me a “cleaner” feeling.
5. I do feel like my moisturizer soaks in better.

Unofficial review complete.


Obviously, I will keep you posted!


Completely unrelated, yet still important, I need to tell you some cool things. Please understand that I am very uncool.

Cool thing # 1: I ran seven miles on Sunday. SEVEN. In a row. On purpose. For the record, I had never done that in my life before. And it felt pretty freaking awesome! The thing is, when I started CrossFit I could not run 100m comfortably. On Sunday I RAN SEVEN MILES COMFORTABLY. Well, let’s not split hairs about the word comfortable because there was a lot of huffing and puffing and thank god I did it with Sarah because OMG, she told me stories the whole time while I gasped for oxygen! But I did it. So it still counts as a check plus in the Rad Column!

Cool Thing # 2: I never have time to watch marathons of fun television shows because I don’t have that much free time in the evenings after work, working out and cooking dinner so if there is any tv watching at all it is usually something that both Garrett + I will watch which generally include: Monday Night Football, Real Housewives of Some Place, Iterations of Top Chef, Football on Thursday nights, or Other Sundry Reality Shows.

At the same time, the other morning I was sitting on the couching drinking my piping hot cup of Not Coffee thinking, man there is nothing good to watch on tv at 5am. (Garrett’s at work so I don’t watch our shared DVR programs.) Wish there was some great show to be engrossed in that came on at 5am.

And then it came to me: YOU LIVE IN THIS CENTURY AND CAN STREAM SHOWS FROM NETFLIX 24 HOURS A DAY. So, 5am to 6am is now the TV Power Hour while drinking my Not Coffee. I can catch up on all the silly marathons of television programs that I want MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. (What the hell took me so long to put that together???)

So far I’m getting caught up on Revenge, and last week I started Sons of Anarchy. The latter I had to check out because for last week’s Ass Whooping Wod A Thon at CrossFit we were put in teams and had to dress up as a characters from a TV Show or movie. Our team chose Sons of Anarchy, so I at least had to know a bit about what was up. I wore a neck tattoo that looked like a hickey. It was classy.

Anyway, the TV Hour has changed my life! Which is a lot more than I can say for the Clarisonic, but there is still hope.

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