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September Progress + October Intentions

Well September came and went and now we are already a week into October. The end of year “Holiday Pace” is coming on (I can feel it!) and I’m dying to push the pause button on life! I’m going to start by quickly looking back on September. Living in the past totally stops time, right? Oh wait, nope. It just encourages wearing acid washed jeans and bad hair-dos. Hmmm… 🙂
Well, I’m doing it anyway.

I had four intentions for September, outside from my overall goal for it to be AWESOME-tember! (SPOILER ALERT: It kind of was!

*Dive head first into experimenting with your skin — I forged a plan for The Great Skin Care Experiment and I tried to ready myself to execute. I started mentally preparing to quit caffeine (sob!) and slowly but surely found some newer and more natural skin and body care products. This is still a work in progress since technically I’m going all in for October, but I think I’ll still give myself a check.

*Give a successful and honest presentation in Colorado – This went better than expected in a number of ways, but what I will say is that I definitely was honest. That part was the most scary! I’ve given a lot of presentations for work, but I’ve never had to get up in front of 150 people and talk about my life and my feelings. That was a little nerve-racking but in the end, it was an amazing experience!

*Run. Um, Some More – I got off my butt and did this, which was necessary since I’m running a half marathon on October 28. I still can’t really believe that is going to happen. YIKES. What did I sign up for?

*Eat Well – While I didn’t stay completely Whole 30 compliant, I ate pretty well during the month of September! What sticks out the most to me is that I really think I have kicked my dairy habit. I no longer by dairy at the store and we don’t have it in the house. That’s a major change from the month prior to the Whole 30. Also: my wine consumption? VASTLY DIFFERENT. It makes me a very cheap date now. 🙂

All in all, September was pretty successful and I mostly credit that to the fact that I aimed low and didn’t put too much on my plate. I’m doing the same for October!

October Intentions

*Successfully Go Without Caffeine For 30 Days– You will be hearing about this all month, I’m sure. Apologies in advance. This is a huge deal for me. 🙂

*Run A Half Marathon – My goal for this first time is just to get through it. I’m not worried about pace or time or athletic performance, I’m worried about survival. I think “Just Survive” is a great goal.

*Start Outlining Cookbook – So I’m definitely planning on writing a cookbook. End of Story. Cookbooks make me happy and I have lots of recipes to share. I’ve hinted at that for a while now, but I’m just going to start doing it. These things take awhile so I’m just going to put one foot in front of the other, and ultimately this little dream of mine will come to fruition.

*Keep Socializing To A Minimum – I realize this makes me sound like a total recluse, but I’m doing this during October for a bit of self-preservation. November and December are ALWAYS crazy months. I just want to spend October chilling out, enjoying fall, cooking, watching good television in a blanket fort on my couch and snuggling with Garrett and the dog. Seriously. THIS IS ALL I WANT! 🙂 And since October is my birthday month, I think I’m allowed, right? And you can’t do that if you fill up every weekend with something social. So that’s where this is coming from.

Only 3 and a half weeks left of the month — it’s time to get started!

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