Summer Bucket List — How’d I Do?

Did you enjoy the first weekend of fall? I can’t believe that it’s finally here. Partly because it’s still hot and partly because, YOU GUYS, fall is the gateway to the holidays and didn’t we just start this year. I feel like I just laid down some resolutions.

But it’s about time to revisit the Bucket List. I put a metric ton of crap on that list and while I’m happy with what I finished, I’m sort of exhausted re-reading this. I think I was being a little aggressive, perhaps? 🙂

My fall bucket list is basically going to say “Sit on Your Ass and Drink Apple Cider.” Well maybe not exactly that, but there will be some chilling the heck out for certain. But before I even start thinking about fall, let’s re-cap summer. It definitely was a good one!

Travel + Social

*Day Trip/Hike in Marin County + SF

Oh we nailed this and it was SUPER FUN. I would totally do it again. I love Marin County. In fact, I wish I was doing that right now!

*Weekend trip to Lake Tahoe
Yup. Condo Rented. Fun had. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

*Weekend trip to Sonoma
We ended up heading to Sonoma for for my cousin Jim’s wedding, but did not end up making a whole weekend of it. Still super fun!

*Drink a Glarifee
Glarifees all around! #sonoma #drinkup

*Weekend trip to Bodega Bay

We went and the weather was FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. All Sacramentans know there is nothing better than getting to the coast when the summer temps get in the triple digits around here. I was cold. There was a hot tub. Enough said.

*Long weekend in Iowa
Boo! This didn’t happen. And I’m annoyed about it. Plane Tickets: Y U BE SO EXPENSIVE???

*Host Book Club Dinner at our house
We did it, and we did it on a school night! What?

*Make some friggin’ s’mores already (spring carryover!)

I’m giving up on s’mores. There clearly not a non-paleo dessert that I prioritize, so whatever.


I honestly see these as the most challenging. Clearly I am doing this wrong.

*Visit a pool that has cabanas, fancy lounge chairs, cocktail service OR All of the Above

Nope. I don’t even know if I visited a pool this summer. Oh wait, yes I did, last weekend. But I didn’t even swim. Lame.

*Get a pedicure. (Note to self: This is not that hard. Quit failing at it!)

Still Failing.

*Watch Game of Thrones, Season One

Most of it! Not done yet, but it’s great. I’m just slow at watching TV Programs.

*Read 15 books (That’s…aggressive, but let’s just leave it)

Well I read 11, so I’ll call that good. But I didn’t get to everything on my Summer Reading List.

*Read a lot of those outside: in the yard, on a beach, on a balcony, on a bench. It doesn’t matter.
Summer afternoons make the Sunday Night Blues even MORE prevalent, I think. You guys, let's all buy a lotto ticket, eh?

*Get 8-9 hours of sleep at least 4 nights per week

I would say I got 8 hours about 3 nights per week. Mostly it’s more like 6-7. I need to work on that so much, but it’s going to involve taking this off my plate and I’m not ready to give anything up yet.


Summer is for eating and drinking. That is one of the 10 commandments.

*Make lemonade that tastes good without sugar
Nailed it. Loved it.

*Turn that lemonade into an adult beverage

Yep. But not too often. Just enough to TREAT YO SELF.

*Cook from the garden as much as possible
So-so. The garden wasn’t really a stunner this year.

*Get more creative with the fresh herbs you are growing (Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro)

See above.

*Blog about it
This summer was a Garden Fail, okay. Quit rubbing it in!

*Write a recipe that involves sauerkraut that people will want to eat

Not yet. But I sure ate a lot of it!

*Post recipes for the homemade condiments you make (so. much. better. than. store bought.)

No posts. But I made some wicked mayo.

*Grill some stone fruit
Peaches. Because OMG, I was obsessed with Peaches.

*Try your hand at smoking meat without actually having a smoker


*Maybe I should just buy a smoker?
You should.

*Make pickles and also pickle some green beans
Didn’t even try. I like pickles and pickled beans, but they are so easy to buy and just so not easy to make without making a giant mess!

*Get better at grilling seafood
Dude. This was the summer of grilling seafood. I feel like a pro now! So glad I challenged myself!
Dinner is in color! #whole30

*Make jam (carryover from spring!)

Fail. Never even crossed my mind.

Health + Fitness

This summer I want to have fun outside (and eat and drink) but also reeeeeeeeeeeally be mindful of my health progress.

*Go on a hike or trail run

We hiked. We ran. We didn’t run on hiking trails but did plenty of both. Check plus!

*Climb a rope (So close, I’m getting there!)
Yeah, still not there. I think I might have a bowl of jelly where my lower abdominal muscles are supposed to be. So that sucks.

*Do legit body composition testing that you pay for at the beginning of summer

Oh yes. And it was illuminating! So glad I did that.

*Do it again at the end

Haven’t done it yet, but I totally will. Probably when we get back from Colorado.

*And don’t use your wonk ass “Body Fat Scale” that changes if you drink a big glass of water

I rarely hopped on that. Only at the beginning and end of the Whole 30, I think.

It really is.

*Re-visit the Naturopath to check your progress.
I haven’t. Mostly because it is about a million dollars and I’ve got about $999,000 to save up for that.

*Also Talk about hormones and babies and all that good stuff.
No but I have been thinking about that.

*Take your fish oil, silly. And your Vitamin D.

Total fail.

*Or maybe just look into Fermented Cod Liver Oil and figure all that out

Done and purchased!

*While you’re at it, learn enough about the importance of the Omega 6:3 ratio that you can speak about it intelligently
I did. Mostly it was because I poured through It Starts With Food. Super informative and easy to understand!

*Keep working on an unassisted pull up and toes to bar. Maybe by the end of summer?????

Oh that’s funny. No.

*Decide if you’re going to run in that October Half Marathon
Shit. I guess I am.

*If you decide YES (eep!) use the CrossFit Endurance method to train

Well, not really, but sort of.
My training plan looks like this: CrossFit 4 times per week. Do one short run and one long run per week. Then pray. And walk some if you have to on the day of. I think it will work just fine. And if not, hey, I’ll know for next time.

Home Improvement

Quit laughing when I write these goals. One of these seasons I WILL ACTUALLY FINISH ONE OF THESE! Then who’s gonna be laughing?

*Paint kitchen cabinets
*Peel off that annoying chunk of wallpaper in the kitchen
*Hang art in kitchen
*Hang art in office
*Get a new duvet cover for the guest bedroom
*Finish the Master Bedroom
*Buy patio furniture

I did nothing on this list. No one is surprised. You guys I am terrible at this shit.


To be honest though, I accomplished more than I thought and quite a bit, so I’m cool with how summer went. But man was it BUSY! Lots of time away and running around, interspersed with time just staring at the television or with my nose in a book for recovery. But I think I’m getting ready for hibernation season. Who’s with me??

Fall Bucket List coming next week because I’m really thinking about what I want to do. It won’t be a lot of Carve Pumpkins! and Make Pie! (well, maybe there will be pie) mostly because I don’t really care about that stuff that much right now. But I think after Colorado I will have a clear view of what I want out of Autumn. And of course I will write it all out here.

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5 Responses to Summer Bucket List — How’d I Do?

  1. Denise says:

    I freaking love you.

    Don’t worry about the s’mores, though. I ate enough for both of us. Plus three other people.

  2. Lesley says:

    We have a smoker! You can borrow ours any time for your delicious experiments 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    Pedicure has been on my list for months. I even bought a groupon for a place located 2 minutes from my house and I still fail to make the appoinment.

  4. Beth says:

    Sounds like a fun summer! I recapped my list this morning too – so glad I ‘borrowed’ your idea. Can’t wait to work on my Fall list.

  5. Liz says:

    I LOVE the idea of seasonal bucket lists. I am totally borrowing this idea! I always have things swirling around in my head, but like you, writing them down gives them weight. Also, I think s’mores are overrated, LOL.