I am continually astounded by the kindness of strangers.

Miriel wrote a great post the other day loosely discussing this exact thing and I just nodded my head the entire time. People are awesome. And the more I look for people to be awesome, the more I see it in my daily life. It’s really a nice way to interact with the world, I tell ya. Awesome begets awesomer. I’m sure a famous philosopher said that once.


So lately I’ve been thinking and writing and talking incessantly about this little dog of ours (HE’S OURS! SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! WE HAVE A DOG!) and I was a little bit worried that you all would be like “Enough with the dog talk. WHO CARES?!?” But I have just never been more aware of this People Are Awesome sentiment than I was with every little bit of support that so many of you shared. The sincerity of your excitement over something so small over here in our lives (but so big in some ways) was just incredibly, awesomely nice. Are you tired of the word awesome yet? SORRY, I’M GOING TO KEEP USING IT.

Between the comments you all have left and the emails that have been literally pouring into my inbox with cheerful sentiments and lovely advice (really, lovely TOO. Not even Internet Ass-vice, like Legitimately Rad Advice) has just made me feel like “Wow. People are SO FREAKING GREAT.”

So I wanted to say thank you for doing that.

Also on my list of things to be grateful for: In seven days I will be on a plane headed to Denver, Colorado and eventually I’ll be making my way to Estes Park with Melissa and Michelle to talk about All Things Paleo. My mental jazz hands are just waving themselves around like crazy because I just still can’t believe that I’m getting to travel to a beautiful state to talk about things that I love! Things like food and eating and cooking and working out and seriously HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY? People want to hear what we have to say and I just feel really humbled by that.

So life is full of a lot warm fuzzies lately in our house. Some are just clumps of dog hair, but many are the feeeeeeeeeeeeelings that I have for all of you who have names and faces I don’t even know. But I feel like it’s important to tell you that the impact that you have on my life, on our lives, is large. And I thank you for being a part of that. In your comments, in your emails, in your Facebook posts. Hell even if you are just lurking here everyday and never say a word (No worries! I do it it too!) THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE.

And I think it needs to be said: You are awesome.

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