Dog Questions

There are times in my life when I am so damn happy to have a website/twitter account/love for the internet. Mainly these times happen when I need advice because I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

Hello. Inexperienced Dog Owner here. NEEDS OPINIONS AND ADVICE. (Thanks for indulging me in the dog talk lately. It’s just an ENORMOUS life change for us, so that’s why it’s sort of all I can think about.)

Honey Boo Boo Dog says hi!

So, while it may be premature since we technically have to wait 30 days to legally chip this little dog, I’m just going to say it: WE ARE KEEPING HONEY BOO BOO. It was a no brainer really. After 2 weeks, we love him. And that’s really all you need right? The Beatles said it, I believe it.


Ok, so anyway, in the midst of freaking out, spamming Instagram with pet pictures like an ass, and snuggling this little pup, I am scouring the internet for dog related things and putting holds on Cesar Millan books at the library. Not really. Well, Ok YES REALLY, I’M SORRY I AM A LOVER OF PLANNING AND INFORMATION. Sue me. I know we will eventually take the dog to a vet and we will get, you know, professional advice there (as well as an idea about his breed/age) but I would like some internet opinions. You guys are smart and I like to hear what you have to say. (Don’t worry, you won’t need to be a dog owner to weigh in.)

So, if you have a second, riddle me this:

1. Dog Name Suggestions, we are taking them — The other day Honey Boo Boo found the tiniest little gap in the fence and pranced through it into our neighbor’s backyard. At like 6am. And proceeded to crap on their lawn. In the middle of it all I was climbing on the fence (in my pajamas!) yelling “COME HERE HONEY BOO BOO” to a crapping dog. It was really a sight, I tell ya. And in that moment I realized that this dog needs a legit name. What were your pets names growing up? What is your dog named right now? I feel like we will know when we find the right one, but we haven’t heard it yet.

2. Paleo Peeps With Dogs — what do you feed them? — I mean there is a freaking RABBIT HOLE of people feeding their dogs raw food, meaty bones, meat and vegetables, organic hippie kibble. So many options. I’m just curious what you do with yours. Don’t worry, we are feeding HBB. Right now it’s a grain free kibble, but I’m wondering if we could be doing better. Just gathering information. And I trust you guys. HBB obviously would like a burger and fries please, with a large diet coke on the side. He’s watching his weight. :)


3. Training and Play — HBB knows how to sit and shake. But that’s about it. We need to teach him how to do some other stuff. Also, he has no idea how to play fetch and it took him 10 days to figure out how to chew on a bone (and now he doesn’t want to leave that bone alone. ha!) How do you teach a dog to play fetch, yo? :) Anyway, I’d love to hear about your training methods, and thoughts.


4. Any other advice you’d like to give. Go for it!

We are all ears.

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