Friday Chit Chat

Oh, hello.

It’s Friday you all. WE MADE IT. I was not so sure I would yesterday afternoon, let me tell you. Do you ever have those days where the phone is ringing, the To-Do list is getting longer even as you are working on it, the meetings are coming fast and furious, and yep THAT PHONE IS STILL RINGING. Oh and since you’re not busy, someone would like to give you some feedback, is this a good time?

HA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh yesterday. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass.

Anyway, I was pretty sure that I was going to come home and drink myself silly last night. I was having Costco Wine Section fantasies in my head at about 3pm and completely rationalizing my right to self medicate. :) I mean, today is my bi-monthly Friday off, Garrett doesn’t have to work today either, the weekend is beginning, and why shouldn’t I come home and crack open the first bottle of our own wine, under our own roof, post Whole 30? I DESERVE IT.

Man, it's just all here AND I CAN DRINK IT NOW! #day31 #notdoingit #buticould

And all that is true. I did deserve it. With work stress and dog stress and upcoming inconvenient business travel stress, life is pretty crazy right now. But that’s actually just the thing. Life *IS* crazy right now, so last night after talking about my Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day with Garrett, I did not actually drink wine. Because I really want to be at my best this weekend. Not that I won’t enjoy a glass or two, but probably drowning my sorrows in Mourvedre was not the way to go. Because there are LOTS of fun things on the agenda. Including, but not limited to:

*Running 5 miles today with Sarah. Well, not together actually, she is on vacation. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? But we are keeping each other honest and you know, sort of motivated for this Half Marathon business. So today? 5 mile run. I knew I wouldn’t do it if I drank last night. Since I didn’t drink, it’s about to just be me, my headphones, and a goofy look on my huffing and puffing face. Awesome.

5k in the heat of the day? Why not!

*Donating Blood Tonight — We are doing a blood drive at my gym for one of our buddies, Kristina, who lost her mom suddenly. If there is one thing I understand, it is the pain of losing a parent suddenly. It is terrible, and I feel pretty strong about doing anything I can do to support Kristina, or honor her mom. Especially with blood donation because I am a champion blood donator! Good veins. Needles don’t bug me — stick them in, who cares! Take a pint or two or twenty! (Okay not twenty.) GIVE ME SOME APPLE JUICE. I’ve got this.

Plus afterwards a bunch of my favorite CrossFit buddies are going out together. YAY!


*Marathon Reading — I’m working on three books right now and honestly so far they are all pretty great in their own ways, though VERY different. I have a stretch of time in front of me this weekend where I can read so I would like to make some progress. Currently I’m reading:

Faithful Place by Tana French — I’m so in a Tana French mood right now, especially with Broken Harbor sitting on my bookshelf.
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown — I think to know Brene Brown is to love her. This book is her typical fare, but focusing on the idea of how harnessing your vulnerability can be such a strength in life. I’m reading this for BlogHer Book Club and super stoked to be doing so!
Perfect Bait by Michael Fowlkes — Thus far this appears to be a smutty thriller. I like smut. I like thrillers. Nice, nice. :) I’m reading this book for BookSparksPR, which I highly recommend if you are bookish and a blogger. They offer lots of fun free books to read and review and I have had really good experiences with them so far. If you’re interested, check out how to become a Groupie.


*Also Marathon Cooking — Yep, I’ve hatched a plan that involves cooking and testing 4 recipes this weekend, plus just doing my normal weekend prep. I’m thinking about putting on my new favorite cd that’s in rotation and just zoning out in the kitchen for a bit — which is just MY FAVORITE. I was partly inspired by all the recipes I collected and couldn’t try during the Whole 30, and also inspired by Katie’s post yesterday. As if that wasn’t enough, I picked up Rachael Ray’s Big Book of Burger at the library yesterday and wow, there is lots of yum up in there! Plus, I bought a Julienne Peeler yesterday (GOD I LOVE YOU AMAZON PRIME, IT WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!) so I may have to make up a batch of zucchini noodles with something because, hello: New Kitchen Toy!

*Lastly, doing a little dog research — So here’s the update with Honey Boo Boo Dog (his current name, for now.) About a week has gone by with no word from the potential owners. I have to say as the days tick by I grow less sympathetic to those potential owners and more attached to this little guy. The uncertainty is still a bit stressful, we did another big flyer bomb yesterday, checked in with the shelters/SPCA and followed up with vets, with really no response, but we are beginning to formulate a plan, and that plan includes keeping Honey Boo Boo around, if we get no word from owners. (And you know, giving him an *actual* name.)

The thing is, Garrett and I were not looking for a dog. Sure we wanted one in the future but it has always seemed like such a big commitment. And if I’m being honest, this would probably not have been the dog we sought out. He’s a pretty big and hairy dog for our little house and we were definitely going to look for a small, relatively low-shedding dog. But that said, now that he is here — there is just something about him that seems perfect. Like he’s always been here. We are obviously not giving up hope that there are awesome owners that we could reunite him with, I would never keep someone from their dog, but with every day that passes I feel like he is closer and closer to being in his permanent home here. It feels a little bit scary. There is a lot to think about and consider, and I am a person who thinks being a pet owner is a big life commitment. But also, such a worthwhile one. So we will continue to wait and see what happens (albeit with a little bit of new pet-parent excitement!)


So that’s the haps in my neck of the woods. My To Do list is already so long I’m not sure it will all get done in the next 72 hours, but at least it’s filled with super enjoyable things. What are you up to this weekend?

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