Things I’ve Worn Lately & Where To Find Them

Starting tomorrow and for the next six weeks I get to wear jeans to work. Hooray for casual dress! You may remember this inspired last year’s 30 Days of Denim, but this year I don’t have the energy for that (hoooooooooo boy did that take some time!) While I’m not documenting what I wear every day on the blog, I still like popping in on occasion and talking about clothes. I’m still posting my Outfit of the Day almost daily on Instagram (follow_holly) so if you are jonesing for some denim, you will get it over the next 6 weeks.

I’m feeling a little uninspired with respect to style lately mostly because my mind is ready for fall but it is still 100 degrees out. There are actual coats hanging in stores. I mean, it’s gross to look at, but I still want to wear it all! So in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been wearing, and where I got it.

#ootd running late version! It's Monday.....

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet (old) Skirt: New York & Co. Bracelet: Target Shoes: Target (old)

Funny story about this outfit. One: I hate ruffles and this shirt has ruffles. Why do I buy ruffles? I’m thinking on getting rid of this. It annoys me every time I wear it. Two: This skirt. I am in love with it. I walked into the mall and saw it recently in every size but mine. Boo. Then I tried to buy it online and it said sold out. Then I looked at 2 other NY & Company shops with no luck. Then I gave up. But then! Then! I had to go to Reno for work, and just happened to drive by a NY & Co with 30 minutes to spare before a meeting and VOILA! Said skirt became mine. This shit was hard earned. I may just wear it every day. No bigs, since it totally blends in.

Have to sit thru 8hr class on negotiating today. Shoulda worn pjs. At least this feels like pjs. #ootd

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack (old) Necklace: Target (old) Skirt: Costco Tank: Target Mossimo Tanks, which are the bomb, btw, and $5 right now. Shoes: Missoni for Target

You really need to do yourself a favor and buy this skirt at Costco because it feels like yoga pants. And I’m going to keep telling you this until you buy it. YOU GUYS, IT IS SO COMFY. Which is why I wore it on a day when I had to sit through a Negotiating Seminar, which was not comfy at all.

It's going to be 98 degrees today. It was either linen pants or my Nick Lachey t shirt. #ootd

Shirt: Gap Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet (old) Pants: Gap Wedges: Target (old) Bracelet: Target

We need to discuss these pants. They are “Linen” and I love them. Well, they look like linen, feel like linen but they actually aren’t linen so you know what they don’t do? Wrinkle the second you exhale. I’m in love! Also, I have worn this shirt a million times. I wish I would have bought every style! It’s so light and awesome to wear when it is hot, but it still looks professional.

Casual Thursday, I'm taking you Seriously! #ootd #jeansandtshirt

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet (old) Jeans: Gap Sexy Boyfriend Belt: Target Shoes: Target (suuuuuper old) Bangles: Target (so old)

I don’t understand why Gap calls these sexy. They aren’t sexy at all. Just SUPER comfy. It’s probably the same reason they call those other pants linen when they are really some rayon blend. Whatever. Oh, if you are a belt beginner, I highly recommend this belt from Target. It’s really versatile. And this post, of course.

Today's #ootd brought to you by the color brown. Oh wait, whit too (forgot about my legs!)

Shirt: Old Navy (old) Skirt: Gap Outlet (old) Shoes: Target (old) Necklace: Target (can’t find it online but it’s on clearance in the stores.)

This is CLEARLY why I’m not a style blogger. I wear a lot of old stuff.
Oh wait — the watch — that I can actually link to. Woot!

Now I’m just getting desperate. :) Who wants to go shopping for fall clothes?????

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